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Allan Hudson
Authors-Readers International

I live on the east coast of Canada where the moody waters and fabulous sunrises inspire me. I’m married to a wonderful lady, Gloria.

I love reading and writing.

My short story The Ship Breakers received Honorable Mention in the Writers Federation of New Brunswick short story competition and has been selected by McGraw-Hill Ryerson to be part of their iLit collection.

My short stories have been published on commuterlit.com and in The Golden Ratio. I published my collection of short stories, A Box of Memories, in April 2019.

I have self-published two action/adventure novels in the Drake Alexander Adventure Series, Dark Side of a Promise and Wall of War, that are available in both print and eBook formats through Amazon. I am presently working on a three volume historical fiction project tentatively titled The Alexanders.

I work as a jewellery consultant by day. I write as often as possible. I love adventure and change.

I am fortunate to have a loving family and am a very happy man.


I have only ever met Allan Hudson online, but that was through a very good mutual friend, Lockie Young, a fellow-Indie author who has since died, unfortunately. I promoted both Lockie and then Allan on my Reading Recommendations blog, and have read much of Allan’s earlier work he published as eBook-only at the time. Allan is extremely enthusiastic about both writing and reading, but he has also been a very stalwart supporter of other Indie authors, such as me, and has provided a forum over the years to many of us on his South Branch Scribbler blog. He has hosted me there a number of times by posting my guest blogs, his reviews of my writing, and even a couple of short stories I’d written. Allan has done the same kind of promotion for many, many other authors over the years, and we all really appreciate the added exposure his blog gives to us and to our work. But wait, there’s more! Allan is also indefatigable in sharing, reposting and reblogging, and commenting on social media whenever we post something on our own blogs! Especially with regards to promotions like this one I am currently writing, Authors-Readers International, I can always count on Allan to share my posts with his own friends and readers. He gets the idea, and has always understood that it helps ALL authors if we promote each other. He gives as good as he gets, and for that, I am very, very grateful to Allan Hudson!


Detective Josephine Naylor receives an email telling her where to find the last body. The messenger tells her “only you can stop this madness”. Discovering a shattered figurine on the corpse, she’s overwhelmed by the possibility it might be the one she sold in a yard sale. If so, she knows who the killer could be. She prays that she’s wrong.

For more information about all of Allan Hudson’s published print books and eBooks, please see his website.

Allan Hudson was a guest on Reading Recommendations in Feb. 2014.

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  2. …so thrilled for my nephew & just love that he is an accomplished author…even more than that his talent for art is not limited to writing, I am pleased to say. As mentioned, he is a jewellery consultant by day, however, he can also design jewellery, has turned stained glass into beautiful works of art and is an amazing carpenter. I would not be surprised to discover that he has lots of others talents, as well. So proud of him.

    1. Thank you for those nice words Sheila.

  3. Thank you for your kind words Susan. You have always been my inspiration for reaching out to other authors and sharing their work. Hat’s off to you dear lady.

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