Where/Who in the World is Reading One Woman’s Island???

In which READERS send me photos of where my novel, One Woman’s Island, is being read – All Around the World!

20161218_093751 Seumas Gallacher with One Woman’s Island – in Bahrain!!!

Advertised in Bequia This Week!

My #1 Superfan, Jay Yurkiewicz, with the first print copies of One Woman’s Island in Orlando, Florida!

With my sister, Betty Bridgman, and the original print copy of Island in the Clouds!

With author Betty Jane Hegerat‘s cat, Rosie, in Calgary! And, Rosie … while there are recipes included in the book, the print copy itself is not edible.

In Toronto on Dan Erkelens’ to-be-read stack! (Dan reviewed One Woman’s Island earlier here.)

First shipment of books to arrive on Bequia!

The Bequia Perspectives Novels – official books of Orchard House Villa Rental on Bequia!
Thanks, Cathy and Paul Broom!

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