Authors-Readers International … List of Authors

Here is an alphabetical listing of the names of authors promoted in this series.

Alison Acheson – Canada
Tim Baker – United States
Frank Beltrano – Canada
Gail Bowen – Canada
Brian Brennan – b. Ireland, lives in Canada
Kevin Brennan – United States
Sharon Butala – Canada
Paul F. Butler – b. England, lives in Canada
Betty Boyd Caroli – b. United States, lives in United States/Italy
Marty Chan – Canada
Sharon Clark – Canada
Marcello Di Cintio – Canada
Sally Cronin – b. Ireland; has lived in Sri Lanka, Malta, South Africa, USA and Spain; now lives in Ireland
Glenn Dixon – Canada
Tricia Drammeh – United States
Marina Endicott – Canada
J. Michael Fay – b. United States, lives in Canada
Sheree Fitch – Canada
Darlene Foster – b. Canada, lives in Spain/Canada
Seumas Gallacher – b. Scotland, has lived in London UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Sydney Australia, Abu Dhabi; now lives in Bahrain.
Ranjini George – b. India; lived in United States, Dubai; now lives in Canada
Don Gillmor – Canada
Katherine Govier – Canada
Linda Granfield – b. United States, lives in Canada
Rosemary Griebel – Canada
Lori Hahnel – Canada
Felicity Harley – b. England; lives in United States/ Bequia
Betty Jane Hegerat – Canada
Robert Hilles – b. Canada; lives in Canada/Thailand
Darcie Friesen Hossack – Canada
Barb Howard – Canada
Allan Hudson – Canada
Bruce Hunter – Canada
Hazel Hutchins – Canada
Lee Kvern – Canada
Alice Major – b. Scotland, lives in Canada
Ken McGoogan – Canada
JP McLean – Canada
Timothy L. Phillips – b. England, lives in Canada
Anna Porter – b. Hungary; lived in New Zealand; lives in Canada
David A. Poulsen – Canada
Mike Robbins – b. England; lived in Sudan, Ecuador, Syria; lives in United States
Anne Sorbie – b. Scotland, lives in Canada
Mary Smith – b. Scotland; lived in Pakistan and Afghanistan; lives in Scotland
Bob Stallworthy – Canada
Fred Stenson – Canada
Susan M. Toy – b. Canada, lives in Canada/Bequia
Aritha van Herk – Canada
Bob Van Laerhoven – Belgium
Cristy Watson – Canada

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