Reading Recommendations and reading recommendations reviewed

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Reading Recommendations – Authors and their books – Great reading suggestions!


reading recommendations reviewed – honest reviews of books featured on Reading Recommendations

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  1. […] Most of you will know Susan Toy and how must time and effort she puts into her promotion of authors and I am very lucky to have featured several times in her Reading Recommendations. […]

  2. I do that ALL the time Susan, but in a different sphere I suspect. Have bought, read and reviewed over 200 books on all sites and beta read and mentor and pay forward. I’m really active socially but not come across your name before – but there are a lot of us authors around.

    1. Well, now I know of you, too! And that’s the first step …

  3. how do I introduce my books to Susan in the hope of getting on her list?

    1. Read this first, Lucinda. Yes, it’s really that simple!

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