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It’s been more than a week now since I heard the very sad news that a blogger I had come to know over the past few years and whom I highly respected had died. I’m still gobsmacked by this loss … (although I’m not entirely sure that the editor in her would have approved of my use of the word “gobsmacked” here)

roughseasinthemed had been a huge support of authors and their books through her intelligent, informed and, at times, wickedly funny blog. Being a professional editor, journalist, and book reviewer, she did know a thing or three about good writing and, in meting out her criticism and praise, she was not shy to say when an author did not measure up to her exacting standards. But … if she did like your writing – and she only ever gave out 4 stars of a possible 5 – then you knew your work was top-notch! She gave my books, and a few others I recommended she read, 4 stars!

roughseas (as I always referred to her) became a great champion of my first novel early on when she mentioned on another blogger’s blog that she thought she might like to read it. (And she laughed when I mistakenly referred to her as roughseasintheMUD!) She really was attracted by, and liked, the cover design. I began reading and commenting on her blog after that and realized what a huge following of readers she had gathered there. (Her blog site is still available to be viewed, for now.) One of those followers, Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge, also became a reader and reviewer of my books, and a friend as well, and for that I am truly grateful.

Here are a couple of blog posts roughseas wrote about me and my books …
Views and reviews
Bequia? Where on earth is Bequia?
And her review on Goodreads …
One Woman’s Island

I’m so disappointed to not be able to share with roughseas the progress I’m making, albeit slowly, on the third novel in this series. And to have no further blog posts written by her to read and comment upon. She was interested in the series on reading I’ve been researching and preparing to post on my blog. I will be dedicating the series to roughseas, since she was such an exacting reader herself!

Kate, you are already sorely missed …

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  1. Beautiful tribute. I still quite can’t take in that Kate is gone. As I have commented on her last Roughseas blog post, Kate was one of my first commenters, her blogs some of the first I followed. She informed, inspired and gave me the courage to live my beliefs & values and remained my friend even if I was out of my depth on some of her topics. She will be greatly missed but leaves a wonderful legacy. As I go about my simple life I’ll always think of her.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, EllaDee. Roughseas did make a great impression on so many people who read her blog and interacted with her. For me, just yesterday, it hit me again … when I was designing a cover for my new print book, that she’s not there any longer to consult with on tasks such as this. I could always count on Kate to give me her honest opinion and excellent suggestions on fixing up whatever she considered dross.

  2. Kate, or roughseas as she was known to many of us in the blogosphere will definitely be missed for all the things you mentioned, Susan. it was certainly a privilege to have gotten to know her. as cliche as the expression is, she truly was one of a kind.
    thanks for sharing this tribute.

    1. Thanks for remembering her here too.

  3. I’ve been receiving your blog for ages and never connected you to the name at the top of the blog. Now all I need to do is remember it!

  4. Kate would smile at the title you selected here. A traveler and one who appreciated island life, your dedication would also get a grin – She was a true wordsmith and guide for so much.
    If all are destined to be grains of dust or sand, she’ll no doubt be the glittering one that lands in a wavering writer’s eye. Energy never created or destroyed, just reinvented in form.
    Down the road, Kate.
    Thanks, Susan.

    1. Well said PMOTh, as only you can πŸ™‚

    2. Beautiful words ❀️

  5. I am sorry to hear this sad news. I always relished conversing with Kate, whether on her blog or mine.

  6. I’m devastated to read this, I had no idea. Kate was a friend to me for a long time and I thought her accident was bad enough. Her poor partner must be lost. Thank you for reposting this Jack.

    1. It was your blog where I first met Kate, David. Thank you for providing that connection.

      1. Always a bark worse than her bite Susan. Have you any idea what happened? She was no age at all really. Her partner ‘The Welshman’must be devastated.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      2. I know no more than what I read in Kevin’s post, David. Very sad.

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  8. So sorry to hear this news, Susan. RoughSeas has been a familiar voice and avatar on many of the blogs I read.

  9. Sad news indeed. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  10. Thanks for sharing this link on roughseas…

    I think she might approve of gobsmacked in this instance. That’s not a word in my working vocabulary, but it sure describes the impact/reaction on many of us. I never had the same level of interaction with her as you did, and I was sure blindsided by the news, so I can only imagine how much more of an impact her passing has on you.

    What I have discovered again is that she had several blogs on different things — including her pippadog blog, and I’ve been able to go back and read some posts from the past that I didn’t know about before. The killer with that though, is there is no opportunity to post a comment and expect a response from her. So in a sense there is a bit of recurring grief every time — at least in my case.

    I look forward to checking out your own links above, when I have a chance.

  11. I’ve blogged for fifteen years and lost several fellow bloggers. It is painful to lose a friend. And bloggers can became a friend. They share their lives with us and cheer us on. Sorry for your loss.

  12. So sorry to hear this, Susan. Wonderful idea to dedicate your series to her.

  13. Very sad news, indeed.

  14. I am sorry you lost a friend and mentor.

  15. So sad to lose a friend in the writing world.

  16. I was saddened to hear about Kate too πŸ™

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