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I’m on a temporary Compu-Cation!

In other words, I’m going to try to stay off the computer and enjoy my personal life more.

It was past time to take a break … I was spending too much time online in general, but getting less and less done. My excuse has always been that, “I need social media to promote my books and those by other authors.” But when I took at long, hard look at this excuse, I realized the promotion there really wasn’t working at all. For anyone!

So, I’ll be taking a break from constantly checking Facebook. I already don’t use Twitter much as all, so I don’t need to cut back. And I’ve deleted both my LinkedIn and Google+ accounts, because I just never used them or even checked them, and I can’t say that either account ever did much for me by attracting new readers.

Now I can concentrate on getting caught up on all the outstanding emails and subsequent work I have to do – not to mention getting back to my own writing, and keeping up with reading other books.

I’ll continue to post to this blog and What Are You Reading?, and will start again posting to Reading Recommendations. I’m woefully behind in promised promotions for other authors! I haven’t decided yet whether I will continue the Friday morning “What are you reading?” posts on Facebook. They may instead become a weekly feature on this blog. I have to think about that.

So … if you wish to contact me now, it’s best to do so via email – susanmtoy(at) I’m hoping to get caught up with messages there soon. I seem to have a lot of deleting and filing to get through before I can heave a sigh of relief on that front. But I will try to get back to you.

In the meantime … it’s back to reading for me!


It’s That Time Again

From Tim Baker … It’s about time he got this draft of his new novel completed!


Time is a funny thing.

We use it to measure everything from how long to cook an egg to how long we’ve been on the planet.

Time is used to determine winners and losers, and to mark history.

In fact, without time, there would be no history.

The rate at which time passes is inversely proportional to the desire of what one is waiting for.

There have been more songs written about time than there are seconds in the average song.

According to Albert Einstein, time sums up his most famous theory…

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.”

We blame time for all kinds of problems because there never seems to be enough of it…unless we have too much of it on our hands.

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It’s Been a Long Time Coming!!

Let the birds sing and the bells chime because … IT’S HERE!!! Tim Baker has published his new novel, “24 Minutes” and it’s available in both eBook and print formats!


Once again I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you…

Like the last time I’ll give you the bad news first;

There will be no FREE book this week.

After a month of giveaways, and well over 500 FREE books downloaded – I’m pulling the plug on it (at least for the foreseeable future).

That’s the bad news.

Now for the good news;

If you remember when I started giving books away back on Valentine’s Day, I said I was going to do it until my next novel, 24 Minutes, was released.

Well, strike up the band and let loose the doves!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my tenth novel – 24 Minutes!!

It has been about 15 months since the release of my last book, Blood in the Water and I had every intention of releasing 24…

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Another FREE BOOK?

Oh, nooooo!!!!! I go away from the computer to have a nap and come back to find that TIM BAKER IS GIVING AWAY ANOTHER NOVEL AS A FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!!


That’s right! Here we go again…time for another FREE Book!

If you’re late to the party, find out what’s going on here.

Since I started this give away on Valentine’s Day, I’ve given away 449 FREE books! I think breaking 500 is a reasonable goal – so let’s get after it…

This week’s freebie –

Full Circle

Full Circle is actually a story I conceived and began writing in 1988 – you can learn more about that here. I don’t remember exactly what sparked the idea for the story way back then, but I liked it enough to hold on to it for nearly three decades. Here’s a little more info about it.

Full Circle will be FREE form Thursday March 8, 2018 thru Monday March 12, 2018.

I hope you enjoy Full Circle, and I hope you’re as excited about the impending release of 24…

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Happy Friday – Have Some More Free Books!!

TWO MORE FREE eBook DOWNLOADS from Tim Baker this week!! Will this madness ever end? Well, yes, the free books will end once his new novel “24 Minutes” is published, so take advantage of this time-limited offer and catch up on reading the rest of Tim’s great novels!


This may seem like déjà vu, but I’m back again to tell you about yet ANOTHER FREE BOOK

Beginning today, March 2, 2018 and going until Tuesday the 6th you can download Pump It Up for FREE.

Pump It Up for FREE!!

Again – this is part of the Valentine’s gift from Ike (discussed here) where I will be giving away FREE BOOKS until my new novel 24 Minutes is released.

Speaking of 24 Minutes…here’s an update;

The editing process is done and the book is now in the hands of the formatter.

If things go well it should be available by the end of next week sometime around March 10th).


Since we are so close to the release of 24 Minutes – and thus the end of the free book give away…I’m going to up the ante…

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One Bad Review Don’t Spoil the Whole Bunch

Usually I would not recommend replying to reviewers who give your book a negative 1-star review, but in this case, I think Tim Baker’s response nailed it!


Any independent author will tell you how important reviews are.

Word of mouth is great – we love it when you tell your friends and family that you enjoyed our books, but an on-line review is forever.

One written review is worth a hundred verbal recommendations, because many people will forget the part of the conversation you had at the party about the last book you read – but once you put that praise in writing on a site like Amazon it’ll be there long after the party is forgotten.

So it’s no surprise that independent authors often (shamelessly) beg people for reviews.

I, personally, have written a few blog posts asking people to write reviews, (here’s one) even offering to name reviewers in my books…often to no avail.

Of course, there is a downside to getting reviews…

The Bad Review  

Whether you’ve written one poem or…

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Which Book is Free This Week? It’s (none of your) Unfinished Business!

It was the cover of this book that first drew my attention to Tim Baker and his writing! It’s now the next to be offered by Tim as a free download Another great book!


If you’ve been paying attention you know that I have been giving away free books for the past two weeks (get caught up here and here) in anticipation of the release of my next novel 24 Minutes.

So far, I’ve made two books available for free download – Blood in the Water and Backseat to Justice.

Both of these books are from my Steve Salem collection.

Steve Salem is a former Boston cop now working as a Private Investigator in Flagler Beach, Florida. For some strange reason Steve and his partner Val Casey seem to stumble across some very unusual cases, and they usually end up recruiting the services of Ike.

Ike – for the uninitiated in the audience – is the main character in almost all of my books. He is an ex-Navy SEAL now living in Flagler Beach and in the employ of local bookie…

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Open-carry laws I’d like to see passed …

What if politicians were to pass laws that “encourage” people to open-carry …


Books – both print and eReaders

And artwork

Food to share with those less fortunate

A library card

A voter registration card

Music, a song

A sense of homour

Compassion, mindfulness, joy, understanding, peace, and love

Tolerance and acceptance

Intellect and intelligence

Common sense


What if our pockets, arms, minds – and our hearts – were filled to overflowing with all of these, so there was no room left for anything negative?


The Giving Continues – Backseat to Justice is FREE!

Here’s another great deal from Tim Baker to celebrate the publication of his new novel … a free download of an earlier book!!


Last week I announced a plan to give away a FREE book each week until my next novel, 24 Minutes, is released.

The first offering was Blood in the Water– and I was pleased (not overjoyed, but pleased) that I gave away almost 200 copies.

Blood in the Water chronicles an investigation by Flagler Beach P.I. Steve Salem and his partner Val Casey. It’s the second of my books to feature them.

The first – Backseat to Justice – was released in 2011 (or maybe 12 – I lose track) and it will be this week’s give away.

You could say that I should have reversed the order and given Backseat away first – and you’d be right, but that ship has sailed.

Maybe I wasn’t thinking that far ahead…or maybe I was pulling a George Lucas!

Whatever the case may be – you may now download Backseat…

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…friends, readers, and countrymen… lend me your ears…

Over the years, since I first began publishing my own books, I’ve met some absolutely fabulous authors who have been very busy doing the same as me – and doing quite well with both their writing and attracting readers. Seumas Gallacher has proven to be a fore-runner in many aspects of this business, and I commend him on all he has done to not only get his own books out there, but also for how he has helped other authors – like me – to promote theirs! Recently, he moved into the area of creating audiobooks … the one area I have not yet ventured into with my own publishing. Here’s Seumas to tell you of the great success he’s had with publishing this format!

Seumas Gallacher

…this wunnerful merry-go-round called authorship is the proverbial gift that just keeps on giving for this ol’ Jurassic Scots scribbler… I’m not afraid to try new stuff on the Web, but I must confess, much of my intrepidity is curtailed by my infinite lack of knowledge about how it all really WURKS on here… I’ve said before, when I switch on my Mac and it lights up, I do a lap of honour… that aside, the most recent novelty has been my venture into Audio Book publishing... not that I went to search it out… quite the reverse in fact… I received a message a coupla months back from a terrific guy called Chris C. Hogan, who is a professional voice artiste and narrator, inviting me to consider delving into the Audible maze… for any of my fellow-penspersons who are intimidated by the thought of having listeners as well…

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