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Dylan Hearn’s Pay It Forward for self-published authors …

This morning, I received an update from Dylan Hearn’s blog, Suffolk Scribblings. In Pay It Forward – an update, Dylan has followed through on his earlier promise to “support my fellow self-published authors by buying their books and promoting those that I enjoyed both on this blog and through leaving reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.”


After having bought and read them, Dylan has listed a number of Authors on his blog post whose books he now recommends.

I had commented on one of his first blogs on the subject, even reblogged on this blog, then promptly forgot about the idea (beacause that’s the way my brain seems to be working these days …). I have, however, continued to promote Authors and their books over on my other blog, Reading Recommendations, and I have been reading books by these Authors whenever I have a chance. A few of these books I have purchased, but most have either been free downloads or gifts from the authors themselves. I have always rated these books on Goodreads when I finish reading (mainly because I’m taking part in a reading challenge there to complete 175 books during 2014) and sometimes I have also written a review, when the book struck me as being particularly good. Occasionally, I have included that same review on Amazon.

If I am really impressed by a book, I write to the Author directly and tell them how much I enjoyed reading their writing. That’s what I would hope a Reader would do for me, if they were equally engaged when reading my books. With a few of these Authors, I’ve now struck up a much deeper friendship than what we had after I promoted them on my blog. And that friendship has become a two-way street as these authors continue to promote me, my blog and my books through social media and to their friends. A few have even paid me the honour of asking that I read an advance copy of their new books, or beta-read a manuscript, or even write a blurb or intro for them. I’ve been more than happy to do so, because I know they will do the same for me, when the time comes. (And if I actually ever get back to rewriting that second novel … tap, tap, tap!)

So, returning to Dylan’s Pay It Forward idea … I’ve decided to make a list of the self-published Reading Recommendations Authors whose books I’ve read and enjoyed immensely – and there’s the key word … IMMENSELY! I don’t want to play favourites among the RR Authors, but I have discovered a number deserve a bit more of a shout-out, as well as a pat on the back for having done such a good job in self-publishing. Because I, too, am a self-published Author and I know what these people have all had to do to get their books out there for Readers to read.

So, without further ado and in alphabetical order, here’s my personal list of GREAT AUTHORS!! (All links take you back to their RR promotion pages.)

Tim Baker
Kevin Brennan
Robert Chazz Chute
Michael Fay (I enjoyed Michael’s stories so much that I published them!)
Demetra Angelis Foustanellas
Seumas Gallacher
Dylan S. Hearn
Thomas Wharton

These are all self-published Authors whose books I have had the pleasure of reading. I still have a few unread eBooks on my eReader to get to that were written by other Reading Recommendations Authors, so I have no doubt I will be adding to this list at some point. And, after having read through the complete list today of all the Authors I have promoted on my blog, I see a number of traditionally published Authors whose books I’ve read and equally enjoyed. I think I may need to put together another list in the very near future …

What about you? Are you a blogger, either Author or Reader, who is willing to Pay It Forward by purchasing books (perhaps beginning with those written by Authors I’ve featured on my Reading Recommendations blog … Hmmmm?) and reviewing those that you really have enjoyed reading?

We Authors truly do depend upon your opinion – and your support!

This week’s selection of blog posts, articles, videos, and words of wisdom …

A word from Captain Mal/Richard Castle on reading …


And a word or more on teaching writing from my own very exceptionally good writing instructor, Ann Ireland … who I should have asked to edit that last line for me before I posted. Don’t forget about Ann’s latest novel, The Blue Guitar, available in print and eBook formats.

Here’s a new site offering blogging about books, a place to list what you’re reading/have read, and a new book community to become involved in … booklikes

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From Anne R. Allen’s Blog: How NOT to Self-Publish: 12 Things for New Indies to Avoid

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And, what the heck! Here’s that fabulous music video of David Bowie’s Space Oddity created in space by Commander Chris Hadfield, who has done more for science and space and space travel than anyone else – ever! You’ve probably already viewed it, but this is well worth watching again and again and again …

ABC Friday Reads – Thomas Wharton

Since I am attending the Rural Libraries Conference hosted by the Peace Library System in Grande Prairie this Friday, I thought it would be appropriate to recommend the writing of Albertan author, Thomas Wharton, for your Friday Reads pleasure this weekend. Thomas was born in Grande Prairie!

I have two of Tom’s books on the Alberta Books Canada display table at this conference. Both are volumes in his The Perilous Realm YA Fantasy Trilogy. The third book in the series will be published next year.

Thomas is an award-winning author who has previously published critically acclaimed fiction for adults. He received his PhD from the University of Calgary after working with Aritha van Herk, another ABC Friday Reads author. Wharton is currently a professor of writing and English at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and head of the creative writing department.

Here’s a link to a great book trailer created for his latest release, The Fathomless Fire.

And here’s a post that Thomas wrote for his blog on being an Alberta writer.

And there’s a double-barreled reason for reading Thomas’s books this weekend – he will also be reading and signing books at Word on the Street in Lethbridge on Sunday!