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On Second Drafts …

Since I am currently helping a writer by editing his first draft so he may then work on the second draft … and, since I hope to be working again soon on rewriting, editing, and preparing the “second” draft (it’s actually about the 11th draft, but who’s counting?) of my own second novel, I found this blog post published today by Chuck Wendig, AKA terribleminds, to be an excellent pep-talk and encouragement in an often daunting, but necessary, part of this writing business.

This is a post that writers should bookmark and go back to reread on a regular basis – not only for the information on how to tackle working on a second draft, but also just so you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and that most, if not all, authors struggle at this point in the writing process. And that you should struggle.

Remember … Write Fast, Edit Slow(ly). Even if the time taken in editing does not fit into your publishing agenda then rework your agenda to allow for a good thorough edit so that, in the end, you produce a book that is THE BEST IT CAN BE!!!

After all, you owe this to your future readers.

Here’s a handy-dandy guide I found online to help you with this concept:

Practice Fast Writing & Slow Editing – From New Connections, May 2013, by Sonja K. Foss & William Waters
FstWritingSlw Rev_Handouts

The ins and outs of being a writer …

As I struggle to get back to my own writing and question why I’m doing something that often feels so much like I’m beating myself over the head, I thought I’d procrastinate just a little bit longer and post a few more links to some very interesting articles and blog posts that address the issue of being a writer …

First off, a flow chart from terribleminds, because I love flow charts (and I know that my designer, Jenny Ryan, loves flow charts, too!)

From wordserve water cooler: Being a Published Author Won’t Make Me Happy (And How I Know That) by Lucille Zimmerman AND The Writing Life: A Super Balancing Act by Rebecca L. Boschee

From Tim Baker at blindoggbooks: Step Right Up – I’ll Make You Rich AND Do We Write for Love or Money?

From C. Hope Clark: One Day I’ll Write This Story

From Michael Hyatt: The 4 Hidden Rewards of Rejection

From Seth Godin: Fearlessness is not the same as the absence of fear

From Writing Forward: How to Write Well Without Losing Your Mind by Melissa Donovan

From HuffPost Books: When Novels Become Assassins by David Biddle

And, as if the angst of writing weren’t enough of a worry, here’s an article for those of you who are considering whether to go the traditional or the self-publishing route …

From The Guardian: Linda Gillard on self-publishing: ‘I market myself, not a genre’