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South Branch Scribbler: Guest Author Susan Toy of Bequia

Thanks to Reading Recommendations-promoted Author Allan Hudson for hosting me, once again, on his blog, South Branch Scribbler!

Family Jewels, the story posted, takes place in Paris several years ago …


Read the complete blog post and story here …

Susan M. Toy on The South Branch Scribbler

Thanks to Allan Hudson for inviting me once again to take part in his weekly blog, The South Branch Scribbler, where he promotes the writing of many authors! You may read my story, Another Day in Paradise, in full here.

While you’re at it, have a look at the promotion I published for Allan on my blog, Reading Recommendations, in Feb. 2014.

The Healer by J. Michael Fay – new title in the IslandShorts series!

IslandShorts will soon be publishing a new short story by Michael Fay. Here’s the cover, with art by Karen Sloan …


In 1957, Danny is struck down with rheumatic fever and discovers a strange and frightening world on the children’s ward of the hospital. During months of recuperation his powers of observation are heightened and ultimately the time spent alone teaches him not only about survival, but about becoming the “big boy” the nurses constantly urge him to be, as he learns to accept the inevitable tragedies of life that surround us all.

The Healer is the third short story written by J. Michael Fay (also available: Tenderness and The Whirlabout), and the fourth in a series, published by IslandShorts.

“In Michael Fay’s rich new story, Danny’s rheumatic fever sends him to hospital where he encounters Sammy, a leukemic boy who tells him of a Healer who will come when called, and who will heal all who ask. Danny later feels great need of the Healer when his own life takes a dizzying, tragic turn. In openhearted, unsentimental prose, Michael Fay’s coming-of-age tale reminds us that our own inner resilience trumps all invisible wishes for a Healer who may or may not come.”

~ Kimmy Beach, author of The Last Temptation of Bond (The University of Alberta Press, 2013)

The Healer is available to preview as a Flipbook sampler here.

For more information on all the titles published by IslandShorts and where to order these eBooks, check out our page on this blog.

That Last Summer – a new IslandShorts ePublication!

IslandShorts is pleased to announce the release of a new ePublication in a series of short stories, novellas, poetry and short pieces of non-fiction.

That Last Summer by Susan M. Toy will be available shortly to download from all the usual sites.


Susan M. Toy captures the magic of the summer of ’65 in this tale of love and loss of innocence. The lake is alive with boys and girls, skiing and romancing. Rachel constantly spars with her younger sister, neither girl realizing the extent of life-changing problems that float below the surface for both a friend’s family and their own. Toy writes with confidence and elegance in That Last Summer and, as Juliet says in a famous scene performed around an August bonfire, “Parting is such sweet sorrow … ”

In the summer of 1965, Rachel Wainstaff is uprooted from her life in Toronto and her boyfriend to spend a reluctant summer with her family at their secluded cottage at Lone Pine Lake. In this story of self-discovery and young love, Rachel’s joys and disappointments are inextricably tied to making new friends and meeting a special boy, all while dealing with the irritation of her younger sister. Still, the true heart of this piece lies in the complicated relationship the teenaged Rachel has with her mother and father.
That Last Summer is a poignant love letter to the lazy, sun-soaked days of an Ontario summer at the cottage.
~ Kim McCullough, author of Clearwater

Susan M. Toy spent all the summers of her youth at the family cottage near Minden, ON. During that time, she was a voracious reader and always dreamed of becoming a writer of her own stories. That Last Summer was originally written as an entry for the 3-Day Novel Contest, and is the third eBook to be published by IslandShorts, an imprint of IslandCatEditions.

A sample FlipBook is available to read here.

And, coming soon, The Healer, another short story by J. Michael Fay!