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More Cowbell!!

Most of you will understand the reference in the title of this post, but for those who don’t …

This came to mind when a professional friend asked on behalf of a client how that client might obtain more reviews for his book. He told her he had reviewed many books for other authors, but they were slow to reciprocate.

I suggested to my friend that her client is approaching this from the wrong direction. “IF” he only wants promotion for himself and his own book, he should then pay to hire a publicist who will provide him with organized publicity and professional reviews.

However, if he wants to take a long-term approach and promote not only his own book, but also writing and reading in general, then he needs to change his approach, become an important part of the writing and reading community, and work with other authors to promote EVERYONE in the business!

He could even take this one step further and become … an influencer. (And this is where the “more cowbell” part comes in.) We ALL need more influencers, more people in the background whacking on that cowbell behind the lead musicians, adding more noise and information – and promotion! – to the mix.


So when it comes to promotion, don’t just think about what’s in it for you and your own books … think of how you can play more cowbell for the sake of all authors. You will be amazed what this will eventually do for your own writing and publications.

So don’t wait for me or Christopher Walken to order more cowbell! Do us all a favour and become an influencer and help everyone get their books promoted, read and reviewed. Trust me, what goes around will come back around to you, as well.

I have written about this concept previously, many times, on this blog. Here’s a recent iteration on the theme: No Author is an Island. I offer some advice as to how you too may become An Influencer. Because we can always use More Cowbell!!