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On using social media and the promotion of books


Because we authors and publishers can’t get the word out to readers about our books all by ourselves … So thanks for any help you can give us with the promotion!

On Social Media
From Writer Unboxed: Twitter: A Dangerous Sense of Entitlement by Annie Neugebauer
From wordserve water cooler: Build a Social Media Platform: Your Facebook Page by Janalyn Voight AND Build Your Marketing Wings on the Way Down by Kimberly Vargas
From Anne R. Allen’s Blog: Social Media Secrets Book Marketers Don’t Tell You – Part 1: How to Avoid Twitter-Fritter and Facebook-Fail
From BookWorks: Hashtags, Tweets and RTs — Here Are the Twitter Terms You Need to Know by Victoria McNally
From Jeff Bullas: How to Integrate Email and Social Media to Increase Engagement by Jennifer Watts
From Seth Godin: Principles for responsible media moguls

On the Promotion (and Marketing) of Books
From Jeff Bullas: 7 Marketing Trends You Should Not Ignore AND 8 Ways to Win at Marketing by Being Useful by Jay Baer
From Indie Author News: Four Ways to Think Long Term in Indie Publishing by Susan Kaye Quinn
From terribleminds: So, You Just Had Your Book Published
From Nathan Bransford: You Can Never Predict Your Bad Reviews
From Books & Such Literary Agency: The Fifty Shades of Grey Effect by Janet Kobobel Grant AND Basic Safety Techniques for Authors by Rachel Kent
From Outskirts: Virtual Book Tour Secrets to a Creative Mind by David Judd Nutting
From Masquerade Crew: 5 tips to make book reviews more legit
From GoodEReader: Taking Book Discovery to New Lows, New Highs by Mercy Pilkington
From wordserve water cooler: What Does Your Reader Look Like? by jandunlap
From Seth Godin: More people are doing marketing badly … AND But it only works sometimes

And is this the best book promotion ever or what??? My novel was really written by J.K. Rowling. Really. It was … (If I can get you to believe that, this will be the best marketing coup! No, wait. It’s been done already, hasn’t it?)
From Nathan Bransford: What J.K. Rowling’s pseudonymous novel says about commercial success

What about you? Do you have any social media or book marketing and promotion secrets you’d like to share? After all, as the poster at the top says, it’s all about sharing …