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My Reading Recommendations … updated

Over on my other blog, Reading Recommendations, I’ve been busy for almost exactly a year now (I began writing that blog on Nov. 18, 2013!) promoting Authors and their books to Readers.

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Some of these Authors have been new-to-me, many are established, and a number of them are long-time friends and colleagues. Not wanting to play favourites, I do encourage readers to look through the complete alphabetical list of 168 Authors I have already promoted during this year.

There are a number of these authors whose writing I’ve had the privilege to read – either as finished books they’re promoting on my blog, earlier published works or, in some cases, as a beta-reader for unpublished manuscripts – and I wrote two posts listing both self-and-traditionally published Authors whose work I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! For those complete posts, including lists and links to Authors, please click on Dylan Hearn’s Pay It Forward for self-published authors … and Traditionally Published Authors on Reading Recommendations.

Since Sept. 4, 2014, when the second list appeared, I have read and IMMENSELY enjoyed books by a number of other Reading Recommendations Authors and, in alphabetical order, I’d like to share those names with you now. (All names are linked to their original RR post.)

Gail Anderson-Dargatz
Arjun Basu
Paul Butler
C. Hope Clark
Lori Hahnel
Kim McCullough
Peter Midgley
S.K. Nicholls
Gail Norton
David Prosser
Fred Stenson

I still have a large stack of print and eBooks yet to read that are written by Reading Recommendations Authors. I have no doubt I’ll be creating another list very soon! I do hope you have as much pleasure as I’ve derived from discovering and reading books by the Authors I’ve featured on Reading Recommendations!

Clearwater by Kim McCullough – an accomplished debut novel!

Kim McCullough has published her first novel, Clearwater, with Coteau Books of Regina!


I met Kim a number of years ago at the first Fernie Writers’ Conference I attended and we have been friends since that time. I have read pieces of this novel while it was still a work in progress and have heard Kim read from it on a couple of occasions, so I have followed her progress with great anticipation – not only her progress with completing the novel but in finding a home, a publisher, who would be most suitable and do a good job of publishing Clearwater. I had the great pleasure of reading this as an eBook recently and can’t wait to get my hands on the final printed copy.

Kim has already received a glowing advance review and Joseph Boyden has said of McCullough and Clearwater: “McCullough’s an emerging writer Canadians should be keeping an eye on” and “such clarity and grace that the reader doesn’t so much enter these familiar yet foreign worlds as slips into them.”

Calgary and Regina readers are fortunate! Clearwater will be launched in both cities over the next couple of weeks.

Calgary Launch – Tues. Oct. 8 at Shelf Life Books

Regina Launch – Oct. 17 at The Artful Dodger

Attend if you can and help Kim celebrate the publication of her new novel. More importantly, buy a copy (or borrow it from the library) and read Clearwater. I highly recommend it!

I will be there in spirit, Kim! Best of luck with this book!

Authors I’m Promoting – the first 5

Last week I wrote an impassioned blog post pleading with all writers to get over themselves. In Dear Writer … it’s not all about you, ya know!, I suggested that promoting yourself is not what is going to get you and your books ahead, but finding others to spread the word-of-mouth message will.

So today’s post fulfills my promise for the “what goes around” part of the Karma circle, and I am listing here Five Authors whose work I will be promoting for the next while. Readers, please do consider reading books written by these authors I suggest. They’re all great writers and I’m sure you’ll enjoy any – and, I hope, many! – of their books. If you’ve never heard of these writers before (only one is a brand-spanking-newly published author) then you are in for a treat!

Blue Guitar Ann Ireland
Ann won the Seal First Novel Award for A Certain Mr. Takahashi in 1985 and she has since published three novels, the most recent being The Blue Guitar this year. She also teaches creative writing courses online through Ryerson University, Toronto. I first knew of Ann from when I was a bookseller and she won the Award, but then I studied with her over past years in a few of her writing courses. She’s currently promoting The Blue Guitar, and her publisher, Dundurn Press, is reissuing an earlier novel, The Instructor, so all four of Ann’s novels are available in print editions and also as eBooks. You may learn more about Ann and her books here on her website.

9781459705470 David A. Poulsen
I first met Dave in the early 90s when I was a sales rep for Red Deer Press and they published Dave’s novel, Don’t Fence Me In. Great book! Very funny! But I’m afraid it may be unavailable now as I know Dave had fewer than 10 copies left last fall. Fortunately, he has continued to write and publish since that time. Most of his books are intended for a younger audience and are primarily of interest to teens and children. Some of the teen books, however, will also be of interest to adult readers. In particular, his latest, Old Man, works great as a crossover book. This novel was recently published by Dundurn Press and is available in both print and eBook editions. You may find out more about David A. Poulsen here at his website. (Dave also holds the distinction of being the only professional rodeo announcer among all the writers I’ve ever met!)

9578bbded2160d948054c2931686a3a9 W.K. Blais
I discovered W.K. Blais’s novel, School of the Assassins, a couple of weeks ago when it was offered as a free download on Amazon. The story sounded interesting and, while I don’t read a lot of thrillers myself, Dennis and our neighbour both do, so I thought they might enjoy reading this particular eBook. I picked it up first, though, and I could not put it down! Not only is the story intriguing and the characters well-drawn, but also the writing is perfect. I was hard-pressed to find any typos let alone any editing issues with this book. This is a top-notch thriller that stands right alongside anything by all of the big-name (mostly male) thriller writers. I even had a bit of a tiff with Dennis over this book, because I was on the third-last page, he had called me to dinner twice, and I could not stop reading until I was completely finished – it was that good! (He came close to apologizing for being angry with me after he finished reading the book and admitted it really was that good.) While Blais is new to me as a writer (she’s American and now lives in California), she has previously published two other novels that are still available in print. And she’s working on a sequel to School of the Assassins. You may read more about W.K. Blais and her books here on her website. School of the Assassins is self-published and only available as an eBook.

home001004 Tim Baker
I first met Tim Baker on Facebook when he began posting information about the new novel, Unfinished Business, he was releasing as an eBook and in a print edition. It was the cover that attracted me! Tim used a FlipBook to create a sampler of his new book and I thought that was such a great promotion idea I began creating samplers, too, for my own novel and the new IslandShorts stories I was publishing. So I purchased a copy of his eBook online and read it. (After Dennis read it first then tried to tell me the entire story before I could get to it myself, he was that impressed by it. Nothing worse than a spoiler, eh?) The storyline is very original, I believe, and it’s set in Flagler Beach, FL, where Tim lives now, so I could identify with that similar tropical beach setting. Since I first discovered Tim, I’ve been an avid correspondent with him on Facebook (I’m not stalking you, Tim … Honest!) and have been following his blog. He believes in supporting other artists and authors and he writes about writing, publishing, books etc., on a regular basis. Tim has also recently begun co-hosting a radio program, The Castaways, broadcast online on Friday evenings on Flagler Beach Radio. The hosts discuss writing, authors, books, artists and provide a great source of information and material for discussion for anyone in the artistic community. Plus they seem to have a lot of fun and they play great music, too! You may read more about Tim Baker here at his website. And the good news is … Tim has six other novels I haven’t yet read! (Tim Baker is self-published.)

large_198 Kim McCullough
Last, but definitely not least, is our not-quite-yet-published author, my friend Kim McCullough, who lives in Calgary, Alberta. I’ve known Kim since we met in a writing workshop at the Fernie Writers’ Conference in 2009. I have read various pieces from her new novel over the years, but have not yet had the chance to read the final edited ready-for-print version. Am really looking forward to the release of this book! I do know enough about Kim and her writing to be able to say, unequivocally, that this will be a very good book! Clearwater is being published in Sept. by Coteau Books of Regina. You may read more about Kim McCullough here on her website. This is an author to watch!

I’ll be sharing and Tweeting about all five of these Authors on social media whenever I can over the coming weeks. Watch for my updates about them and their work on Facebook and Twitter.

Okay, Writers, now it’s your turn! I challenge every one of you to do the same – to write a blog post similar to this and promote five different authors who you believe deserve attention from your friends and other readers. Let’s start this promotion-ball rolling, shall we? Let’s see how long we can keep this type of promotion going. (If you do write a blog post, please feel free to post a link to it in the comments section below.)

Thanks for playing!