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Why I ♥ My Editor!

Rachel Small is the best editor a writer – THIS writer! – could ask for! During an email correspondence yesterday she said something that I thought was quote-worthy, so I asked Chris Graham (aka The Story Reading Ape) to create one of those handy-dandy quote boxes so I could share this with the world! (I also asked Rachel’s permission to make what she said into a quotable-quote.)

Ed Quote for Susan 02 Framed

And, if you require any more convincing as to why I state wholeheartedly that Editors in general, and my Editor in particular, are the best human beings on earth, here’s a blog post I wrote on the subject and reblogged in May of this year.

If you’re interested in Rachel Small‘s editing services, check out her website here – and do tell her I sent you!

Come to think of it, I was still in my PJs when I wrote this blog post …

IslandShorts … and we have liftoff!!

I am so very, very pleased to announce the new imprint, IslandShorts, that will be publishing short fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry!

island shorts

Seth Godin has written so eloquently – and concisely! – as he always does of what exactly I went through to get this idea off the ground: Proving the skeptics wrong (something I seem to have been doing for most of my life …) and The sweet smell of success (which is how I am feeling right now!)

But I didn’t do this alone, and I want to thank Michael Fay for believing in my idea of ePublishing “singles” in the first place, for all his suggestions and ideas along the way, and especially for being extremely patient as we worked at producing what I believe is a quality publication that many, many people will enjoy reading. After all, there’s no point in just throwing any old thing out there into the world; I wanted something that both I and the authors I plan to publish can be proud of – something to which we all wish to have our names attached.

I have also surrounded myself with experts during the production of these eBooks:

Gina McCreary at Human Powered Design of Calgary provided the formatting, cover and interior design, online sales listings, and general ePublishing expertise;

Rachel Small at Faultless Finish Editing, also located in Calgary, who provided editing and proofreading services;

Artist, Karen Sloan, of Haliburton, ON, a friend of Michael Fay’s who came on board to provide the beautiful cover art for each of Michael’s publications, and wrote about the experience on her blog, Wall Flower Studio Art – Judging a book by its cover …

And Micheal Fay of Minden, ON, has reminisced about his experience of writing this series of short stories and the background to the first publication, Tenderness, in this FlipBook, On Writing Tenderness.

Thanks, as well, to Bruce Hunter and Robert Hilles for reading advance copies and providing endorsements for the first two publications, Tenderness and The Whirlabout.

(I managed this entire project primarily from my home on Bequia in the Caribbean. You’ll notice that all people involved in this publishing endeavour live in diverse locations, and none of us ever found the need to meet as a group, proving that publishing can all be accomplished via the Internet!)

IS_TendernessTenderness is now available to purchase from the following online sales sites:

KINDLEAmazon.ca and Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
KOBO and all other eReaders – Kobo.com
and iTunes


Watch for future publications from IslandShorts!

The Whirlabout will be available for purchase soon …
That will be followed by The Healer, written by J. Michael Fay and That Last Summer, written by Susan M. Toy.

Island in the Clouds – in Costa Rica!

Rachel Small of Calgary has sent in her photos of reading Island in the Clouds – the manuscript of the novel, that is, since Rachel was my editor! So here’s a heavily commented upon page shown on her computer screen…

But the best part of having Rachel edit my novel was that she worked on it while she was here, in Costa Rica!