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On Writing, Part 3 – getting help


Editing and being edited …
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When you’re ready to share …
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And when your work is finally out there …
From Books & Such: Worried About Your Work Being Stolen? by Rachelle Gardner

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More on Editing

And this is why everyone needs an editor – especially self-published authors … These are just a few comments – of 31 similar-sounding reviews!! – about an eBook listed for sale on Amazon. Yikes!! You’d think the author would have had enough sense by now to de-list the entire series and fix the problems in her books!

Worst editing ever – The story is ok but I never read a book with so many spelling mistakes. Very poor editing. Not sure I will continue reading the series.

5 star writing, one star proofreading – Very good read but absolutely the worst editing and proofreading I have EVER seen. Too bad as doing this electronically should be easy. In some cases the characters name was wrong, many punctuation errors and omissions, incomplete sentences, you name it, it was there. Too bad.

Just OK – I read the first in the series because I got it free. Since I enjoy books in series, I am reading the others to see what happens with Cindy and Mattheus, but only because they are fairly inexpensive downloads. The storyline is just ok and the editing (or lack thereof) makes me cringe at times. For example, in this book, one of the characters was first named Ables, then Noles, then back to Ables. Maybe it’s the former school teacher in me, but it is bothersome.

You MUST hire an editor!! Please! For the sake of your readers.

And here are some editing tips to tackle on your own before you send your manuscript on to a professional editor!!

From The Writer Life: 25 Editing Tips for Tightening Your Copy

And here’s a handy-dandy Story Structure/ Plotting infographic, again to help you sort out your manuscript before you hire an editor: Amanda Patterson’s Story Structure/ Plotting Guide


Do not attempt to edit your manuscript alone, kids! That manuscript is never as good as you think it is. Besides, it’s self-publishers like the example I offered at the beginning of this post who give all of us self-publishers a bad name.