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ABC Friday Reads – Dave Elston, Horses Ink, and Hazel Hutchins, After

Keeping with my Stampede theme, since the annual Calgary Stampede – which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year! – is still running until Sunday evening, I’m recommending a book of horse cartoons that was recently published by Dave Elston of Calgary, and a novel for teens written by Hazel Hutchins of Canmore.

I know some of you hockey and sport aficionados will be scratching your heads, saying, “Hey, isn’t he the guy who used to be the Sports Cartoonist??” During the 90’s, Dave’s cartoons were syndicated in local Calgary newspapers as well as national and North American publications, and featured on TV on Hockey Night in Canada and TSN. When he retired, he became manager of horse stables west of Calgary and, after years of observation, he has now put together a collection of horse cartoons that get at the very essence of equines – as any horse lover will completley understand and agree!

Horses Ink
Published by Dave Elston
$1 from every book sold will be donated to the Cochrane and area Humane Society

Since Dave’s book is really just for viewing, I thought I would include another this week for your reading pleasure, so I suggest Hazel Hutchins’ book for teens, After, in which horses figure greatly. Hazel grew up on a farm east of Calgary, in Strathmore, Alberta, and has been a rider all her life. She definitely “gets” Dave’s cartoons! In this novel, two teens lives are connected by a shooting at a local convenience store. While the book was written for teens, it is equally appealing to adult readers.

Published by Smith, Bonappetit
Distributed by Second Story Press, Toronto

Island in the Clouds – the Mane Read!

Whoa, Nelly! I just received an entry for my Island in the Clouds – Where in the World??? promotion that came as a total surprise – and it’s an incredible delight!

About a lifetime ago, I repped for Polestar Books when they began publishing collections of hockey cartoons by Dave Elston of Calgary, who was, at that time, the only full time sports cartoonist in, well, the world. I sold scads of his first three publications, Elston on Ice, Elston Back to the Drawing Board, and Elston’s Hat Trick, but then quit my job and moved to the Caribbean and, unfortunately, lost track of Dave. We reconnected, though, when I returned to Canada. He’d married Kaida and they were managing horse stables just west of Calgary. They have a couple of horses on the land surrounding their house and it didn’t take much begging before I was invited to hang out with Dave, Kaida and the horses. (I don’t ride, but I have always loved patting and talking to these wonderful animals, and I love watching them run – something I picked up from my grandfather, I guess.) Dave had given up on drawing sports cartoons and is now instead drawing – you guessed it – horses!

So imagine my surprise just now when Kaida sent me this:

There are copies available of all of Dave’s previous publications. Contact me if you’re interested in buying any of them. Dave is currently at work on a new collection. Stay tuned for more news about that!

Thanks, Dave and Kaida!