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WHO in the World is Reading Island in the Clouds??? – Novel Blurbers and My Writing Possee!

From one of the novel’s blurbers and a member of my online writing possee through Humber, here’s Keri Michaud of Mississauga… This is me reading and enjoying, ISLAND IN THE CLOUDS at a cottage at Pickerel Lake, up north near Huntsville in Ontario.

This is from Jenny Ryan, Ottawa, owner of Copper Canary Publishing Services and my book’s most wonderful designer! And also a member of my Ryerson possee. Before and After. Oh Susan, it’s soooo nice and it has new book smell! Before being as an InDesign file on Jenny’s computer and After as the finished product. Thanks for the collaboration, Jenny!

Then, from Carin Makuz, Whitby, ON, the mail she received one day last week. Carin is among my Humber possee. Hey, Susan M Toy… this is what came in the mail today.

And Lori Hahnel, a writing pal from Calgary, as well as an Alberta Books Canada author, receiving delivery of her copy of Islands at a coffee shop.

Hey, Lori! Look how nicely your two kids are playing with mine!!

And finally, a novel blurber, a member of my Humber possee, and someone I can’t thank enough for all her support over the years – Darcie Friesen Hossack! (Take a bow, Darcemeister!) Darcie sent a picture of my novel as soon as it arrived in the mail. Unfortunately for Darcie, T’Abigail had her paws on it first to read!

Here’s a copy of Islands getting to know Darcie’s collection of short stories, Mennonites Don’t Dance.

Darcie has been running a contest in her food column and over at her blogsite, Nice Fat Gurdie and there’s still another day to enter! You’ll win a copy of my book! Go to Darcie’s blogsite – NOW!!

Island in the Clouds – at Wolfe Lake!

Jenny Ryan designed the fine cover of my novel. (Also the spine and backcover, but you won’t see those until the print edition is released.) She has edited for me, fixes up my photos, creates the types of files that I need, develops ads at the drop of a hat, and all kinds of other great stuff! Jenny is co-owner of Copper Canary, a business specializing in print and electronic communications.

But I “met” her many years ago when we took a class in Trade Publishing through Ryerson’s online Publishing Certificate Program. Unlike me, Jenny actually finished the certificate and on 2 awards from Ryerson: the 2007 Eve Orpen Memorial Award, and the 2008 Wallace A. Matheson Award for Creativity and Innovation in Educational Publishing. We’ve only met once in real life – we had dinner together in Toronto. Almost all our correspondence and collaboration has been via email. (I think we spoke one time using gmail chat.) Yet Jenny seems like a very close friend, in spite of the distance between Ottawa and Calgary, or Bequia, where I was living when we took that initial course. She has been in on this novel almost since the beginning and has read several versions, offering advice and suggestions as to how I could make it better. She has certainly had a big part in making it look better!

Jenny offer’s pictures now, not of her reading my novel, but of her mother, Mary, reading Island in the Clouds on her Kindle at the cottage on Wolfe Lake near Westport, Ontario. Jenny says this is only the second eBook her mother has read.

And just to show the difference between what Mary is reading about inside the cottage and what’s going on in the real world, Jenny sends a picture, taken this morning, of the lake… Brrr! Throw another log on the fire and keep reading, Mary!

Thanks, Jenny – for everything!