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Donating to St. Vincent & the Grenadines for flood relief

Over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day St. Vincent & the Grenadines was hit with an unexpected weather system that brought a great deal of rain to all the islands. Especially hard hit though was the main island of St. Vincent where people were swept away by the flood waters (9 dead; 2 still missing), homes and possessions were damaged and destroyed, and a great deal of the country’s infrastructure was damaged. Much of the island was left without power and there is still no working system to provide homes with safe drinking water. I have just received this letter from the Concerned Citizens of Bequia Outreach that outlines exactly what has been going on here, what donations have already been provided, and how much more needs to be done. If you own a home on Bequia or if vacation here regularly, please consider helping on this local level.


If you do not have any connection with St. Vincent & the Grenadines but would still like to help with a monetary donation, please go to the Action Bequia website and tell them you wish your donation be earmarked specifically for the St. Vincent Flood Relief. Action Bequia accepts credit card payments via PayPal from anyone situated overseas.

If you know me personally and would like to make a donation, I am happy to handle that for you. Please send me an email.

And, as an incentive to get some more donations coming in … I will email you copies of both my eBooks – Island in the Clouds and That Last Summer as a gift for making a minimum donation of $15. (CDN, US or equivalent in £,€) (Sorry, but due to the fact that I’m on Bequia at the moment, mailing print copies of Island in the Clouds would be difficult right now, so I’ll have to limit this offer to eBooks only. I may offer copies of the print edition at a later date.) All you have to do to get your eBooks is send me an email telling me that you’ve made a donation, and which type of eReader you own. I will send you the correct files for both. And if you have already read either or both eBooks, you’re welcome to pass these files on to a friend.

Here’s a video from I-Witness News from St. Vincent showing the situation on Christmas Day.

Thank you in advance for your support!