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What’s Cookin’?

As readers of my new novel, One Woman’s Island, have discovered, I included local Bequia recipes at the end of each chapter to give you all a “flavour” of what the food is like that the book’s characters eat.

Also at the end I included a recipe for an Island in the Clouds cocktail I invented that Sharon Wilson and Dan Erkelens kindly tested and reviewed here on reading recommendations reviewed.

One Woman’s Island is a very personal book, and one thing I definitely share with the main character is a love of good food and cooking. Over the years living on Bequia I’ve had the opportunity to develop my cooking skills and have become quite a good baker. Of course, it helps to have a pizza/bread oven close by …

I also developed a recipe for cinnamon buns that produces a light and fluffy bun not cloyingly sweet. (Recipe is in the book.)

So, if you haven’t read my novel yet, you’re in for a taste treat as well as (I think) a good story!

But now I’m coming to the reason for the title of this blog post, and I want to know …

What’s Cookin’ in YOUR kitchen!

Everyone has a recipe that’s special to them, either something your mother made for the family or a favourite recipe you’ve “owned” over the years – your party trick! – that receives accolades whenever you serve it. Or it could be that you now live in a different culture altogether (as I have) and you’ve discovered some local specialty you find very appealing and representative of the place and its people. So here’s what I’m asking you to do …

Please share that recipe with us! If you have a blog, please write a post – link to this blog post then tell your own story about the importance of your recipe. Include the complete recipe and add a photo of the dish as it’s served, if possible. But please do give us the background information as to why this particular recipe is so important. (If you do not write a blog, please contact me if you would like to participate and I will create a separate blog post for you here.)

Even if you are not a cook yourself, I’m sure you can think of something you’ve enjoyed eating during your lifetime, something that has significance to you. I want to hear about it!

In a way, we’ll be creating a kind of online cookbook for other readers to enjoy.

And … just in case you were wondering, this is what half of a 22-dozen order for bagels looks like.

Food, glorious food … prepared on Bequia!

We haven’t been cooking anything unusual lately here on Bequia, other than regular meals to sustain us. But we have used freshly grown local pumpkins recently picked from our own vines:



And we made this:


A Caribbean Pumpkin Soup recipe I developed a number of years ago …
And this:


Beef Curry (recipe from CaribbeanPot.com) cooked inside a whole Pumpkin.

Then I got back into baking bread again …


Two loaves each of Rye with Caraway Seeds and 100% Whole Wheat.

Finally, here’s one of my most favourite desserts to prepare for company – Bequia Lime Pie! Not only is it always delicious and a surprise to those who haven’t eaten it before, but the recipe is super-easy to prepare, calling for few ingredients. (And I have this recipe memorized since I’ve made it so many times.)


So, there you have it – gastronomic delights from Bequia!

And the good news for those of you looking for any of these recipes … “some” will be included in my next novel, One Woman’s Island!

Wally’s Hot Tasty Doubles on Bequia!

This is the first video in what I hope will be a series about the island of Bequia and its people, the services offered, and a glimpse at the beautiful scenery. I’m calling this a Slice of Bequia series. First up is Wally who sells Trinidadian Doubles, a fine street snack, from his cart in Port Elizabeth by the well in front of the bank, across the corner from Back Knights. (And those would be typical directions on this island!)

Here’s Wally serving up a couple of satisfied return customers:


And here’s my video … Enjoy!

Caribbean Food … Mmmmm, mmmmm, good!

Gwenith Whitford is a friend, a fellow Canadian and Queen’s University alumnae, who now lives full time on the island of Dominica, just a few islands north of Bequia in the Windward Islands chain. You may read about how we initially met on Bequia here: (click on the article and zoom in to read)

Alumni Review article by Gwen Whitford

Gwen has become completely immersed in her island home, teaching at various institutions, involving herself in Dominican music, history and culture, and the many special events organized for tourists and locals alike. She has enjoyed the nature and hiking trails the island has to offer. And she also appreciates the food of the Caribbean, and the particular flavours of Dominican cooking. Although there is a general “Caribbean-style” in this part of the world, the cooks on each island concoct very different fare using the same ingredients grown and produced everywhere in the region, so the food of Dominica is unique in many ways. Plus the strong Francophone presence means that their food is “flavoured” in the way only the French are capable of doing – Ooo, la, la!

Ti Domnik Tales is the very fine blog that Gwen posts to on a regular basis. I urge you to subscribe to this and read all about Dominica.

Since food is of particular interest to me, I thought I would post links here to five of Gwen’s informative articles on the food of Dominica …


Savouring Fine Flavours at the Francophone Food Fair in Dominica

A Feast for Canada Day – Dominican style


Celebrating Creole Day in Dominica

Good Company, Great Food, the Best Music: A Special Sunday Afternoon in Dominica!


English Immersion on the Nature Island: French Students Learn about Dominica’s Cuisine and Culture

Thanks, too, to Gwen for all the support she’s given me in promoting Island in the Clouds in Dominica, and making sure the library in Rosseau received a copy of my book!

(All photos by Gwenith Whitford and posted here with her permission.)