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Ads in “Bequia This Week” throughout the winter!

These are the two ads Wilfred created and Nicola will be running for me in their weekly flyer.

And here’s the link to the magazine flip version of
Bequia This Week
Everything you need to know that’s going on in and around the island of Bequia!
New editions available every Friday.

Bequia This Week advertising for the tourist season!

Once again this year, I’m happy to advertise my novel, Island in the Clouds, locally every week in the informational flyer, Bequia This Week, created these past 15 years by Nicola and Wilfred!

Here’s a link to the large ad I’ll be running 4 times throughout the next 5 months:
Bequia This Week ad for Island in the Clouds

This ad has been redesigned with a new reader quote and information on how to obtain signed copies! The advertising I’ve done with BTW over these past two years has proved itself to be the best for me for the money I’ve spent on it. I’m a very satisfied customer, you might say! So I look forward to working with Nicola and Wilfred once again this year.