Island in the Clouds – First Chapter Sample FlipBook

island clouds front june 11l

You may read the first chapter of Island in the Clouds by clicking Here!

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  1. […] I love this teaser for Island in the Clouds: “Part travelogue, part mystery, Island in the Clouds takes a long, hard look at the reality of living in a place that seems perfect — from the outside, anyway.” Who can resist that sort of book? Even better, it’s the start of a series that will offer an up-close view of island living, with characters (both two- and four-legged) we’ll want to spend time with. (You can read the first chapter here.) […]

  2. Susan, I just read the first chapter of the flipbook version of Island in the Clouds. You’re an incredibly talented writer! I always assumed as much but, shamefully, I haven’t read Island in the Clouds yet. How refreshing to read such flawless writing without any attempt to impress or befuddle the reader. I’ve done myself a real disservice by not getting your book yet!

    1. Connie, thank you so much for your kind words! This means so much more to me than you can imagine.

      1. Susan, I should have purchased it long ago. Reading the preview just made me move it up on my to-be-read pile!

  3. […] excerpt of her book Island in the Clouds while you’re on her site. You can read the excerpt here–it’s posted as a flip book (very […]

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