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300 Subscribers!!!

I am so pleased that my blog has reached another milestone … (HEY! For me, this is BIG!!!) This calls for a celebration and a giveaway!

To show my appreciation to all the readers who have taken a moment to subscribe to or follow my blog I am going to hold another draw to give away free copies of my two eBooks, Island in the Clouds and That Last Summer, for whichever reading device you own. If you’ve already read both, you may want to give your prize to a friend, should you win. So there’s an incentive for everyone to enter! (At this time, I can only offer free copies of the eBooks, because mailing copies of the print edition would be difficult as I’m here.)


So, if you are currently a subscriber and you would like to enter this contest, please make a comment below. On Feb. 14th, I will make a random selection from those who enter. You may consider this my Valentine’s Day treat for all my readers out there!

island clouds front june 11l


And, if you’re not currently a subscriber, you may want to become one now, because I’ll be holding more similar contests as I reach new milestones.

Thanks to everyone in advance for participating in this contest!

But, more importantly, thanks to all 300 of you who have subscribed to my blog over the years. And thanks for continuing to read!! I couldn’t keep doing this without your support!

(And, yes, Tim Baker, I know I’m well over my exclamation point quota on this post!!!)

Everyone’s A Winner!!!

As the Carnies always say, “Step right up! Step right up! Everyone’s a Winner!!!”


And that’s what happened with my recent contest in which all you had to do to enter was write a comment. Easy-Peasy, folks! Six people did just that. They took the time to make a comment and so I decided they would all win! I’m feeling rather generous at the moment, it being the season and all. But I am also very thankful for their support. So Jaclyn, Mandy, Maria, Lockie, Joan, and “Jazzybeatchick” have each won copies of both my eBooks, Island in the Clouds and That Last Summer. Thanks very much to all of you for entering!

As for the rest of you … What are you going to do the next time I run a contest like this on my blog? That’s right! You’re going to enter, because more likely than not I will be feeling overly generous again and EVERYONE will be a winner!!

Special Announcement: MRP Cover Contest Cancelled

Too Bad!! Island in the Clouds had some solid competition here from the authors who did enter their covers for judging … I hope that Morning Rain Publishing will hold the contest again at a later date. If they do, please be sure to enter your book’s cover!! What a great, FREE opportunity to promote your book and your writing – don’t you think?

Check out the link to the MRP site and tell me below in my blog’s comments section – which cover would have received your vote?

Announcing a CONTEST!!

island clouds front june 11l


Leading up to the holidays, I thought it would be fun to hold a contest for readers of my blog so that they may win copies of both my eBooks! There will be a copy of each of Island in the Clouds and That Last Summer available for a draw to be held on this blogsite on Dec. 23rd.

Anyone is eligible to win, and even if you have read either or both books, you will still want to enter for the chance to win a copy to give to a friend. Let’s say you’re giving someone an eReader as a gift … Wouldn’t it be fun to include a copy of one of my books to be downloaded on that eReader so they may begin reading immediately?

All you have to do to enter is post a comment below and tell me whether you would like to win a copy for yourself, or for a friend, and why you want to win either Island in the Clouds or That Last Summer. You’re welcome to enter to win both eBooks, but please enter twice and list the titles separately.

Good luck to everyone!