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Best Bloggers Blogging in 2015

Thanks to Chris Graham, The Story Reading Ape, for creating this handy-dandy award badge!

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I’ve already given you a wrap-up of the best books I read in 2015. As well as being a reader and an author, I’m also a blogger who promotes other authors and doles out advice and information on all manner of interesting areas, to me and to my readers. Throughout this past year I have become “acquainted” with other like-minded bloggers (some of whom are also authors), have followed and read their blogs, commented on them, and reblogged their posts a number of times. Some of these bloggers came to my attention in the first place, because they offered to read and review my books or gave me promotion by way of an interview or a guest post on their blogs. In turn, I met a number of other bloggers through that first set – people who commented on those posts about me or who won a copy of my book through a blog-run contest. As well, I’ve been following a number of blogs written by authors I have promoted on Reading Recommendations, my own author promotion blog. (Please note too that, not surprisingly, a number of these authors have written books that also made it to my Best Books Read in 2015 list!)

Please do click on the links and check out these great bloggers, if you have not yet discovered them yourselves. Follow them! Some offer promotion and review books or interview authors, many post valuable information on writing and the book biz, even about food and restaurants, and not just a few are also authors in their own right and have been featured on my blog (I’ve linked to their promotion pages), a couple are editors, and there are a couple of longtime personal friends (meaning, I’ve actually met them face-to-face!) in this list, as well.

Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog … An Author Promotions Enterprise!

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Tricia DrammehTricia Drammeh Blog and Authors To Watch (Reviews and Interviews)

Sally CroninSmorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

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J.P. McLeanJ.P. McLean: The Gift Legacy

Betty Jane HegeratBetty Jane Hegerat: Canadian author of literary fiction

Dylan HearnSuffolk Scribblings

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Bill CorbettMarathon Mouth



Seth Godin’s Blog

Book Marketing Buzz Blog

Literary Hub

Matilda Magtree – Carin Makuz

Ti Dominik and Canary Gal – Gwenith Whitford on Dominica

And a very special mention goes to two extremely inspired blogs:

The Litter I See Project by Carin Makuz
and Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers by Shaun Hunter
(Both of these bloggers will be profiled on this blog in the new year.)

Writers are my favourite people!

I have been the most fortunate person, having worked all these years in a business that allowed me to meet, associate and even become friends with, some very wonderful authors. Over the past thirty-plus years, I’ve had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of my idols, and a few of them have even managed to remain on that pedestal where I’d perched them while reading their books. I have a lot of great stories. But, since I began writing myself, and became a member of this family of emerging writers I have come to know, through courses taken, associations joined, conferences attended, I must say that there isn’t a better group of people than those who are pushing a pen and tapping on keys. They are a very supportive and encouraging bunch, these authors, and are quick to cheer each other on, commisserate, offer suggestions, or just be there whenever one of us needs them. Outside of my email writing group, I’ve also met quite a few published authors who have remained friends, and who never hesitate to offer help to us emerging writers.

All are generous people and, unlike one bookseller, who proclaimed that authors are cheap, and always just looking for a bargain, or anything for free, my observation has been that authors support each other by coming out to launches and readings, and buying lots of books. At least that’s the case in Calgary, where last Thurs. there were three literary events organized for the same time. The next day, authors were bemoaning on Facebook that they hadn’t been able to attend all three. I’m sure that if we could have split our time, we would have. And we’d have bought all the books, too. I would have liked to say to that bookseller, “Where would we all be in this business if it weren’t for the authors? They’ve, unfortunately, become the bottom-feeders of the industry, essentially making far less for their work than anyone else, including the booksellers – unless they happen to hit the jackpot by winning a big prize or their book is picked by Oprah. Most are writing because they love to do it, can’t imagine doing anything else, actually, and not because they have any delusions they could possibly make a decent living from it. No wonder they’re looking for bargains.” But I held my tongue. (And that bookseller, by the way, is now out of business. But I’m still writing, publishing, and promoting books. Go figure …)

So, if you want to see what some of my friends are up to, read through the listings on my blogroll, to the right —> Click on their blogs, follow their posts as they add them, read what they have to say. And watch as their writing blooms and blossoms, and their careers take off. I have no doubt that these friends are all heading towards great futures. I’m very proud, and honoured, to know all of them. And also read the blogs of the established writers listed here, and buy their books. Discover someone new, or reacquaint yourself by catching up with what they’ve published recently.

Excellent writers all. Excellent people – the very best!