Fan mail from some flounder?

Just after the New Year, I received a message from a Facebook friend saying he was planning on reading all three of my publications in their eBook format. I was tickled pink, to say the least, and told him I hoped he would enjoy them.

So, imagine my gobsmacked surprise when, less than 12 days later, I received an email from John Edwards telling me he’d already finished reading all three books! So he was following Rule #3 on this list by writing directly to me:

Here’s the message John wrote to me (spoilers redacted!):

Hi Sue,

I quite enjoyed the read.

Island in the Clouds had the two things I like in a murder mystery. First of course is a dead body early in the book. I prefer to speculate on who the killer is than speculate of who will be killed. The second thing I like is a good twist in the plot. Here the motive came as an excellent twist. Altogether an excellent read.

One Woman’s Island was a much more thoughtful read. It has me thinking about my own relationship with Bequia and the world in general. You were able to present different motives without being judgmental. This book will keep me thinking for a while.

That Last Summer, the diary of the teenage girl stuck me as a novel from the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys era. That was until the epilogue. I then started to wonder how much of this was autobiographical. It was a nice little read after One Woman’s Island. I could, based on my own mid 60’s experiences, relate to events. It was was easy to visualize water skiing on an Ontario lake.

Thank you

Now, above in my into to all this, I said that John Edwards was a “Facebook friend”, which he is, because we have never yet met in person, even though: we both spend winters on Bequia (he lives next door to a good friend of ours, the other Canadian Sue); we are approximately the same age … me being the younger by about 6 months; and he keeps a boat moored in Toronto at a marina close to where I grew up in The Beach. That’s also where John spends his summers, in Canada. Funny that we’ve never met though in all these years of sharing Bequia as a winter home. Now I will make a point of meeting John, if only to be able to thank him in person for writing the above thoughts after reading my books.

So thanks, John! It really may seem like a small thing, but let me tell you … this writer is eternally grateful whenever she hears that anyone has enjoyed reading what I’ve written. This is what keeps me plugging away at the computer! And thinking up new story lines for future books.

John Edwards has a great love for snorkeling around the beautiful shores of Bequia, and has become an accomplished underwater photographer, posting many of his photos on Facebook for all of us to enjoy. He gave me permission to use this photo, although he was sorry he didn’t have a photo of a flounder.

Photo credit: John Edwards

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  1. This is a great way to inform readers of how they can help us authors. Would you ask John is he’d be happy for me to copy his graphic so I can post it on social media and maybe add it as an author resource to my website, please?

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  3. Great feedback on your novels, Sue!

  4. Great reviews, you must be pleased. I do hope you get to meet and thank him in person.

  5. Well deserved review of your books Sue. Congratulations1

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