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Antony Millen
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Antony Millen is a Nova Scotian living and writing in New Zealand.

Originally from Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada, he moved to New Zealand with his wife and two children in 1997. He has lived in Taumarunui since then, working at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School and, more recently, as the head of the English department at Taumarunui High School.

During his early years in New Zealand, he wrote sporadically, but with a dream to write novels as a major part of his life-style if not as a career. In 2013, he launched his first novel, Redeeming Brother Murrihy. He followed this in 2014 with Te Kauhanga: A Tale of Space(s). The Chain is his first novel for young adults.

He has since seen several short stories and articles published in literary journals. He is currently stalled, but chipping away on the draft of his 4th novel.
I first “met” Antony Millen online when he was featured on the site Canadian Writers Abroad, curated by Canadian Debra Martens. An excellent website, Debra features interviews, reviews and information about Canadian authors who live and work outside of their native country. My first novel was reviewed on the site in 2013, and Antony Millen came to my attention when he first appeared on the site in 2017. A Canadian living and writing in New Zealand! I read his novel The Chain and really enjoyed it. We began corresponding and I promoted Antony on my Reading Recommendations blog. (Link below.) More recently, both Antony and I were included in a post Debra wrote titled, Where Are They Now? in which she finds out what we who were living abroad at the beginning of the pandemic would do – whether we would heed the call to repatriate to our home and native land, or stay put. Darlene Foster, a Canadian writer who lives in Spain and has been promoted on Authors-Readers International, was also mentioned in this CWA post.
The Chain

Two brothers. One mission: Restore privacy to the world.

The year is 2043. Empowered by the anti-encryption program, ICALL, and the world-wide wireless Blanket, the Global Domain reigns over all colocation centres with its Connectivist ideology, enforcing mandatory online activity for every eartizen and disabling attempts to secure privacy. The Domain’s slogans are: “Secrecy Threatens Security” and “Privacy Prevents Prosperity and Peace.”

From his death-bed in New Zealand, Fenton Ouvert commissions his sons, Topia and Lukan, to locate a flash drive containing the files of Jeremy Winterton, files stolen thirty years earlier from international surveillance agencies. A former investigative journalist, Ouvert hid the flash drive at the end of a chain of clue-bearers around the world. Contacted by the resistance movement known as Arachne, Ouvert believes the drive contains original plans for the ICALL program and thus, hope for a free world.

Travelling the globe, the Ouvert boys locate the links, but what will their journey reveal about their father and the effects of the Global Domain’s dominance? And what will their quest mean for the world when they reach the end of the chain?

Antony Millen has also been writing poetry … This too

For more information about Antony Millen’s writing, his books, and life in New Zealand, please see his website.

Antony Millen was a guest previously on my blog Reading Recommendations in Apr. 2017.


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