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Jerry Auld
Authors-Readers International

Born and raised in Calgary, Jerry has called Canmore home since 1996, after traveling the world only to find the Bow Valley the best place to settle.

He worked two seasons for the park trail crews, climbing, trail running, and skiing avidly before, during, and since among the Rockies. During this time, Jerry learned of the legend of Hooker and Brown, and was astonished to find himself so ignorant of his own history.

Jerry lives with his wife, a fourteenth generation Quebecoise, and their two daughters in the Rocky Mountains.

He has published Hooker & Brown (a novel) – 2009, Short Peaks (short stories) – 2012, A Jazz Guide to Banff (a novel with Mike Lauchlan) – 2015.
He has a story in the latest Rockies Annual.


I can’t remember where or when exactly I first met Jerry Auld, but I did promote his books for him through Alberta Books Canada at library displays. And he invited me to participate in a terrific promotion, En Vino Novellus, he had been hosting for a while in Canmore – an evening of author readings and a pairing of their books with a particular bottle of wine! I, and my recently ePublished first novel Island in the Clouds, took part in this lovely evening, and here’s the blog post I wrote about the event … Island in the Clouds at En Vino Novellus in Canmore! And Canmore Author Hazel Hutchins, who has also been featured on Authors-Readers International, was my date for the evening!

I’m still wearing that shirt, Jerry!




A Jazz Guide to Banff: (and the universe)
by Mike Lauchlan and Jerry Auld
published by Imaginary Mountain Surveyers

Ravi is a jazz trumpet player in Banff, Alberta, who gets tangled up in the ghosts and legends of the Banff Springs Hotel in all the wrong ways.
Ravi moved to the Rocky Mountains in search of the woman of his dreams–and a beaver.
For Ravi, playing jazz trumpet is a calling. He prefers to think that life has guidelines with no set rules, a musical chart that gives everyone the freedom to riff across the form. Others disagree.
Deep in the labyrinth of service tunnels beneath the Banff Springs Hotel, events set in motion when the first, fire-ravaged foundations threaten to throw everyone into a hellish trap. Ravi, an unwitting participant, must stop the whole demonic orchestra or lose the only one left in the world that he loves.

Imaginary Mountain Survyors is a Canmore-based publisher of mountain fiction, focusing on the Canadian Rockies and other mountain stories, from the superstitious to the imaginary, from folk tales to tall tales, from the fable to the grave.  All books they publish are available from Alpine Book Peddlers.

What Jerry Auld is working on now: With two daughters and all, I haven’t been doing huge amounts of writing but keep planning my return. I’m currently working on a novel about the floods in Canmore in 2013 and another on the life of Curly Philips and the first ascent of Mt. Robson.

For more information about Jerry Auld, his writing, books, and publishing, please check out his website.

Jerry Auld was previously a guest on Reading Recommendations in Dec. 2013.

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