Fan mail!

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  1. […] Again thanks for doing this for us – it is so incredibly generous of you.  As for me I’m editing the next two books in my series – Rebirth and Tesla’s Dream, as you know, and hoping to get that done by the fall. The coronavirus has slowed down the process since I have my daughters and granddaughters at home, and there are lots of interruptions. However I’m finding bits and pieces of time to do my work and am also okay with giving some of it up since this is a unique and precious time to be with my granddaughters (note: granddaughters) that I won’t have again. (One of Felicity’s granddaughters even wrote me a fan letter!) […]

  2. I LOVED this post!

    1. Thank you, Rae! I loved being able to write it!

  3. Thanks for this beautiful post Susan Za is reading the Rainbow Goblins – she loves this book.

    1. Thanks for the reading recommendation, Za!

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