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Tricia Drammeh
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Hello, I’m Tricia Drammeh, author of multicultural fantasy, young adult paranormal, and contemporary fiction. I live in beautiful New Hampshire with my husband, children, and adorable animals. When I’m not writing, I can usually be found with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love reading. Books have always been my life. I read a wide variety of genres, which probably explains why the books I write vary so greatly. My favorites include J.K. Rowling, Anne Rice, Maeve Binchy, Joleene Naylor, Maegan Provan, Amy Metz, Jodi Picoult, and many, many more!

In lieu of more personal information, I decided instead to include this recent post from Tricia Drammeh’s blog:

My husband and I took a walk along a local wooded trail on Saturday. A windstorm earlier in the week had stripped most of the fading autumn leaves from the branches, giving us an almost unencumbered view of the river.

I love walking alongside the river, particularly the portions where the water seems to rush toward clusters of smooth boulders. In various spots along the riverbank, cement benches face areas where the water is smooth and peaceful. Here, couples hold hands
and enjoy and placid scenery.

I prefer the rushing water. There’s something invigorating and exciting about the noise and the motion. How just a few rocks thrown in the path of peaceful waters can create such temporary chaos, before the water inevitably settles down so easily, so calmly once
those obstacles are removed.

So much has been written about rivers and streams, how meandering and rushing waters compare to our moods and our trials and tribulations in life. There’s probably not much more that I could say about the topic that hasn’t been said. Still, I can’t help but contemplate how, in my own life, I long for stillness and peace, yet when it comes to the river, I’m drawn to the motion, the activity – the part when everything that has settled to the bottom of the riverbed is churned about and forced into the flow. Nothing stays at peace for long.

It’s a great metaphor for life, isn’t it? Nothing stays at peace for long. That’s what life is. A series of events and changes. It’s motion, activity, noise, and that isn’t always a bad thing. At some point during my particular journey, I began to associate any type of change with negativity. I wanted everything to stay the same. Anything that wasn’t
static or peaceful was terrifying.

I think I’m ready to start enjoying life a little more. Maybe start making a few small changes, or at least recognizing that change doesn’t have to be bad. Already I’m starting to
put things into perspective.


I have only ever met Tricia Drammeh online, but since we’ve known each other there’s been a mutual respect for our work and an equal effort to promote that work! Tricia is one of those indie authors I’ve been able to count on for advice, information, and help with getting the word out about my own books and blogs, as well as author promotions. And she’s also a very accomplished writer herself. I have enjoyed reading several of her novels, and I own paperback copies of her two most-recent publications. The Novelist definitely spoke to me, as I know it will do for many other writers.

No one ever said being married to a writer was easy…

Jacque has always struggled to get his business ideas off the ground. From photography to catering to publishing, his poorly-planned endeavors have put a serious strain on his finances—and his marriage. Despite his difficulties in turning his passions into a paycheck, Jacque has always considered himself to be an intellectual, an artist, and above all, a writer.

Ever-reliable Cindy is always there to pick up the pieces when Jacque’s ventures go awry, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep things afloat. She wants nothing more than for her husband to find his way in the world, and she believes writing is his true path in life—until she reads his novel.

Every marriage has its problems, but when a shocking betrayal leads to vengeance, will their marriage survive?

A very good book! And, also for writers who are considering self-publishing, Tricia Drammeh wrote and published this non-fiction collection of essays – in which she cites ME, and specifically this blog of mine, in her list of resources! Thanks for the shout-out, Tricia!


The Essential Self-Publishing Guide

Are you an aspiring writer who has always dreamt of publishing a book? Or have you already written your book and are confused about your next step? The Essential Self-Publishing Guide will help you explore your publishing options, walk you through the steps of publishing your book, and help you realize your dream of becoming an independent author. If you are a writer on a tight budget, this guide will not only help you determine where to cut costs, but will teach you how to perform many self-publishing tasks on your own. With creativity, determination, and a little bit of patience, you can become a published author!

Here’s what Tricia Drammeh is doing now: “Nowadays, I do more editing than writing, but most of my time is spent being a grandmother. I work part-time in the morning and then babysit my grandson in the afternoons. It is wonderful and I love it! My days are long and between work, editing projects, and my grandson, I don’t have much time for writing; however, I do belong to a local writing group that encourages me to regularly stretch my writing muscles. I’ve written some short stories lately, so who knows where those might end up?”

For more information about Tricia Drammeh, her books and writing, and her editing services, please see her website.

And you may follow Tricia Drammeh’s blog here.

Previously, Tricia Drammeh has been promoted on my blog, Reading Recommendations: Oct. 2014, April 2015, Feb. 2016.

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  1. Great feature. I adore Tricia and her work. The Novelist is a must-read for writers, aspiring writers, and their partners.

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    Tricia is one of my favorite authors! you need to read her books!!

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    1. Thank you, Tricia, for your continuing support!

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