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Let me begin by saying I hate writing bios about myself. I’ve had to do it a few times since I became an author, and it doesn’t get any easier.

It would be nice if I had somebody else to write it for me, but sadly I can’t afford such luxuries yet. I suppose I could have written it in the third person, talking about myself as if I were not me…but I am me so I just couldn’t do it.

Anyway, I was born and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island. I’m old enough to remember Get Smart, The Flintstones and Hogan’s Heroes when they were on in prime-time. I moved to Palm Coast, Florida in 2006 and I love it here. Before I moved, my older brother suggested I visit Florida in August to make sure I could handle the heat. I told him if I never have to hear the words “the high temperature today will be six” I can handle all the heat in the world.

I am the fifth child of seven, I have a sweet tooth (at least that’s what people tell me – I don’t see it, myself), I’m a Libra and I’m left-handed (all the great ones are!). My favorite movie is Jaws, I believe that Adam West is the ONLY Batman and I think shoes and neckties should be issued only as forms of corporal punishment.

I love music – all kinds of music. Having four older brothers, all teenagers during the sixties, I was raised listening to The Beatles. I was the only kid in the 3rd grade to know who Creedence Clearwater Revival and Jimi Hendrix were.

I am a lifetime member of Red Sox Nation (sort of mandatory if you’re a member of my family). I have played just about every sport you can play at some level or another. I hold a Black Belt in Kenpo (Nick Cerio’s Kenpo – Rest in Peace Professor Cerio) and I taught martial arts for two years before moving to Florida.

In 1992 I read a small article in the local paper about an organization called Guiding Eyes for the Blind looking for volunteer puppy raisers. It took me all of about 12 seconds to decide to call the number and for the next eight years I raised and socialized puppies as potential Guide Dogs (part of the story behind the “Blindogg” moniker).

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing, but it wasn’t until 1988 that I actually tried to write something. It was a story called Full Circle and I managed to write about 15 chapters before I put it aside (temporarily).

About a year after I moved to Florida I had a dream about two old friends. It was, like most dreams, very bizarre. The next day I couldn’t get the dream out of my head…it was such a strange little vignette that I felt compelled to figure out “the rest of the story”. When I got home that night I sat down in front of the computer and began writing the story down. I began with the words “The whole thing started with a dream.”

Six or seven months later I had a first draft and after a year it was a completed manuscript, which would become my first novel, Living the Dream.

Before it was even published I began writing my second, Water Hazard, and I haven’t stopped since. I have even completed (re-written is probably a more accurate word) Full Circle!


This is the cover that attracted me to Tim Baker and his writing in the first place! I don’t know why it popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook – I’d never heard of this Florida-based author and we didn’t have any mutual friends online. It must have been kismet! I sent Tim a message about how much I liked the photo on the cover, that the book was obviously set in a tropical place – MY novel was set in a tropical place!! – and Tim accepted my friend request. What also interested me about Tim was that he was trying some different methods of publicizing and marketing his books, so we talked about that. Then he began his career as a DJ on Surf 97.3 Flagler Beach Radio and was co-hosting a weekly show on writing and writers. I was able to listen in online while living on Bequia (which was kind of cool at the time when you think of it) and I was hooked! That show didn’t last long, but it gave me the idea to create the blog Reading Recommendations to give (mainly indie) authors some much-needed promotion. Tim Baker was the second author I promoted on the site and he’s been back for many more visits since that time.

I’ve read (almost) everything Tim has written and published, and own just about every book in paperback editions (and even have a couple of promotional T-shirts and Blindogg Books stickers and beer koozies!). Tim’s books are in residence on both my Bequia and trailer bookshelves. I’ve been a beta-reader, and even at times an editor, for a number of his books and usually know ahead of time what he is working on at any given moment. Then when the new books are released, I help by promoting them online and recommending them to my friends in Canada. In turn, Tim has helped me with my own writing and publishing by sending me a “digital” swift kick in the butt whenever I procrastinate – which is far too often, I’m afraid. Possibly more important to me, however, is the connection we’ve had through music since he became a regular Friday night music DJ on Surf 97.3 and plays all the music Dennis and I love to hear. Many a Friday evening we’ve spend here on the verandah on Bequia listening to great music, while I chat with Our Own Personal DJ on Facebook, sending him requests, or making comments from the cheap seats. Cool, because he knows what we like! When he learned of my life-long love of the Beach Boys, as well as The Beatles and Van Morrison, Tim sent me this photo taken in the Surf studio …

My short story, Bequia Blues, was also included in the anthology, Path of a Bullet. Tim wrote short stories of his own then invited several of his friends to contribute. He edited and published this book of stories that all involve his main character, Ike! (In my story, Ike comes to Bequia!)


Tim Baker is also the only person I know who ever came up with this brilliantly unique way of “displaying” all his own favourite album covers – or CDs in this case. Pelican Floor Coatings of Flagler Beach created the coolest floor ever in Tim’s sunroom …

I would love to do something similar in my own trailer’s sunroom, but … with BOOK covers! What do you think, Pelican Floor Coatings? Are you up for a trip to Canada?


And here is what Tim Baker is up to right now: “Over the Xmas vacation I finally got my self back to work on finishing my latest WIP Rising Tide – I am hoping to have it to the editor in February which would mean a March or April release. I also have two more story ideas on tap and am going to make a concerted effort to release at least one of them in 2020 which would be the first time since 2012 that I released more than one book in a year.”

For more information about Tim Baker, his writing and books, and his music and DJing, please see his website and blog.
And … just like an end-of-year miracle, what appears but a brand new blog post from Tim Baker today!

Tim Baker has been featured many times on my blog Reading Recommendations since the first time in Nov. 2013.

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