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Authors-Readers International is the name of a new means of online promotion I have developed to help the many great authors I’ve met, previously promoted, have worked with online, or whose books I’ve published, to reach a wider audience – worldwide, I’m hoping! – and receive more attention for their published books.

I’m going to begin this promotion (which will run as a series of blog posts here on my main blog, reblogged on Reading Recommendations, and shared on social media) with a daily post on individual authors, beginning on
Dec. 1 and ending with Dec. 31. Then any further promotions will be less frequent, maybe one a week. Inclusion of authors promoted here will be by invitation only. I want to present the authors I’ve met in person or who I’ve had a connection with online, but also, and more importantly, authors whose books I have enjoyed reading. I want to share their work with readers around the world and give them as much exposure as I can muster. I’ve already come up with a complete list of authors for the Dec. blog posts and I’ll be contacting these authors all within the next couple of days to explain this new promotion to them and ask if they would like to participate.

But really, this is all about the readers out there, and providing all readers with information on good books and authors who may not have previously been on their radar. The crucial part of this promotion though is in the sharing of blog posts and attracting more readers to pay attention to this information I’m compiling.

Eventually I’d like to include online interviews with the authors, encourage all authors to create their own podcasts and videos about themselves and their writing, and allow them to “give a brief reading” from their books via a podcast or video. Online literary “salons” are also a possibility in the future. (I have a lot of ideas for developing this promotion series, and all ideas have already been approved, I’m happy to say, by Betty Jane Hegerat! I’ve promised her that no dressing up as clowns will be involved.)

I’m up for suggestions from readers, too … What would you like to know/hear about new-to-you authors?

Links will be provided to all published work and author websites. These promotion pieces will be brief, but I’m hoping they will offer enough information to encourage more readers to seek out and read books by authors who I personally recommend.

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  1. This is a great offer, Susan. I came over after reading Sally’s reblog of your recent post!

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  3. Thank you Susan… a very welcome promotion..

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  5. Susan, you are the definition of ‘supporter’! Brava! and thanks

  6. This is a generous gesture Susan. Sending you a pat on the back and a hug.

    1. Thanks, Allan! I’ll take that! Just helping everyone a bit, as you too have been doing all along.

  7. Fabulous–you continue to be a huge and important force in the world of reading/writing. And I thank you.

  8. You just rock.

    1. I have been blessed during my life to have met and worked with so many GREAT authors! Thanks for your continuing support, Sheree!

  9. Reblogged this on theshammuramat and commented:
    This is a very generous offer by my fellow writer Susan Toy.

  10. What a fabulous – and generous – idea.

  11. That’s awesome, Susan! You deserve to be applauded for all the authors you have promoted and still are promoting! You’re the best!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I hope others will follow my lead in promoting all of the great authors I’ve had the pleasure of reading over the years!

      1. Yes, that would be great! I haven’t created any blogs but I do try to help authors whose work I’ve enjoyed, by posting good reviews on Goodreads & Amazon. I also recommend books I’ve enjoyed to others. Just small things, but I hope they help.

  12. That is incredibly generous of you!

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