Happy Friday – Have Some More Free Books!!

TWO MORE FREE eBook DOWNLOADS from Tim Baker this week!! Will this madness ever end? Well, yes, the free books will end once his new novel “24 Minutes” is published, so take advantage of this time-limited offer and catch up on reading the rest of Tim’s great novels!


This may seem like déjà vu, but I’m back again to tell you about yet ANOTHER FREE BOOK

Beginning today, March 2, 2018 and going until Tuesday the 6th you can download Pump It Up for FREE.

Pump It Up for FREE!!

Again – this is part of the Valentine’s gift from Ike (discussed here) where I will be giving away FREE BOOKS until my new novel 24 Minutes is released.

Speaking of 24 Minutes…here’s an update;

The editing process is done and the book is now in the hands of the formatter.

If things go well it should be available by the end of next week sometime around March 10th).


Since we are so close to the release of 24 Minutes – and thus the end of the free book give away…I’m going to up the ante…

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  1. Once again – thank you!

    1. As always … my pleasure!

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