Why Your Favorite Author Probably Can’t Give You a Free Book

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“I want to thank all of you who are doing these things, and especially those who are taking time to encourage authors not just by buying their books but by telling them how much those books meant to you. It makes a huge difference!”

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It’s a dilemma that many in my circles are puzzling over: in today’s world, authors have nearly limitless creativity and research sources and opportunities to get their stories out to a wider audience…but fewer people are willing to pay for them.

I’m an administrator for a few dozen authors’ Facebook pages, and from time to time I glimpse notifications of another message with the same question, phrased in a few different ways: “Why is your book (or ebook) so expensive?”

If you’ve ever wondered that yourself—and I don’t blame you, because I did too before I started working in publishing—here are a few thoughts that authors probably want to say but feel they can’t, because it seems a little too direct, a little too self-serving (even though it really isn’t).

It’s the same reason restaurant owners can’t give you a free dinner: because that’s how they make a living. Sure…

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have commented on the original post.

  2. Excellent post and many excellent replies. The link provided on piracy was extremely interesting. I highly recommend that everyone read it. I am both an author and a reader and appreciate both perspectives. I use my library a lot to read books and then go and buy the ones I really loved so that they can be re-read. My walls would be bulging and I would no longer have space on my hard drive if I purchased every book that I read. It is not even a money issue. But I often review books that I haven’t bought because as an author, I know how beneficial reviews can be. So, buy books when you can to support the authors that you love. But at the very least, take the time to review books that you’ve read.

  3. This is right on. We were discussing this at my last Writer´s group meeting.

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