Cloud Island Media

Patrick Hutchins is a Bequia photographer who owns the business Cloud Island Media. He’s been producing some great videos of Bequia lately and just posted this new one of Princess Margaret Beach …

And our house is in there – Twice!

Here’s the link to Cloud Island’s YouTube channel. Check out some of the other great videos posted here, and maybe even subscribe, if you like what you see! That way, you’ll receive a notice whenever Patrick posts a new video.

And you’ll be able to see for yourself this little island I’ve been writing about in my novels!

9 responses

  1. Ah a really magical place ( and despite you novels’s crafted description, you have to admit pictures make the stories and characters seem so real)

    1. And you see me waving this screen in Staff’s face saying “See there is more to life than all this concrete” HAHA Fabulous video – love the snorkelers/swimmers!

      1. I knew you would appreciate seeing the actual Bequia in living colour, philmouse!

  2. Beautiful – even more beuatiful than I’d imagined.

    1. Uh-oh! I’d better write better description in my novels then! 😉 Bequia truly can be indescribable though.

  3. What a little slice of heaven! This offered me a much needed escape on a snowy day in Calgary 🙂

  4. That’s spectacular, Susan! What a lovely spot.

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