Book Reviewers Wanted!

I’m hoping that readers of this blog will take my request seriously and consider reading to write reviews for the more than 150 Authors I’ve promoted on my blog, Reading Recommendations. I posted to that blog today and addressed all the authors there, Reading Recommendations … Spring Cleaning, telling them I’ve cleaned up the lists a bit. I immediately received messages from several of those authors, offering me reciprocal promotion for my own writing, and one also requesting titles he could review.

So I thought I would open this up to everyone, readers included – those who don’t happen to also be authors themselves. I ask that you look through the lists on that blog and consider writing a review of books you may have already read, or let me know if you have written a favourable review of any that I may then repost on the reading recommendations reviewed blog. Or, if you discover an author you’d like to interview or review, let me know and I will help you contact them.

Thanks for any help with this. All we authors need reviews, but most important of all is that we find readers who are interested in reading what we write! If you find some new-to-you authors through this blog of mine then I am very happy indeed!

But if you then tell your friends about this great author and their books, that will be pure magic!!

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  1. Thanks for following my blog, Susan. It is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The pleasure is all mine! I’m really enjoying your current A-Z favourite movies posts!

  2. I wrote a review of Stevie Turner’s “The Daughter-in-law Syndrome” a couple of years ago. I probably posted it on Goodreads and Amazon at the time.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Frank! I am posting your review to reading recommendations reviewed blog.

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    A great start to Book Tuesday. Read on…

  4. […] Read the rest of the post and offer your services.. having read many of the reviews of those who follow this blog.. I know that you write interesting, constructive and well written reviews… why not help Susan out: […]

  5. Great idea Susan.. have included in the Blogger Daily..

    1. Excellent! Thanks for spreading the word, Sally!

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    From over at my main blog, here’s a request for everyone who reads and promotes on this blog, as well … I would like to add to this original request though by saying that, if you have marked a book on Goodreads as “to read” but have never updated that status, why not update it now? If you have since read the book, just a “read” and a star rating are dandy – and a brief review would be even better!! I’m guilty of this, as well … I mark a book as “to read” (usually when I enter a Goodreads Giveaway) and then never actually get around to reading the book, let alone updating and rating it. So I’m going to make a concentrated effort to go through the Goodreads listings I have compiled and update, at least, the authors’ books I have promoted on this blog. What about you, Readers? Would you be able to do that as well? (In the case of my own published books, I see that more than 1050 readers have them marked as “to-read”.)

  7. Good post, Susan. 🙂 — Suzanne

  8. A fabulous idea, Susan! 🙂

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    Susan Toy, who has appeared on Reade and Write in the past, has a request for readers.

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