How can we encourage more readers to leave reviews for our books?

From Sally Cronin … an idea to encourage readers to also become reviewers.

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I am very keen to make reviews a prominent feature of the book promotions and encourage readers to review the books that they buy and enjoy, or not as the case may be.

Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool that anyone who is selling a product benefits from. Authors are no different, and our books tend to be judged by the number and quality that they have received.

Part of the problem is that those who are not writers of books or blogs are uncomfortable in offering reviews and feel that what they have to say is not important. Many who do review a book, leave just one line after their star rating, simply saying that the reader enjoyed or disliked a book, but they do not elaborate.

That is obviously very welcome. But whilst a potential reader does not want to read three pages filled…

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  1. Without well educated, applauded, literary critic stars in every newspaper, how will anyone learn to review books without serious role models? Once we all knew the newspaper critics: their personalities, their preferences, their styles and backgrounds, and their accuracy (not to mention if their analysis was close to ours). We used to discuss the reviewers of books, art, and theater as much as the pieces reviewed. Questions are a start .

  2. Great article. Thanks for sharing this!

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