Sorry, temporarily closed due to Chikungunya Brain …

As my friend, Betty Jane Hegerat has said previously, this is the virus that just keeps on giving … and giving, and giving, it seems. I don’t know if it’s because the weather suddenly turned hot again over the past couple of days, but I had begun to notice that same pain in my shoulder again, which was where the virus began for me in Aug. 2014, and that I was tired, generally achy and headachachy, yet was a total insomniac last night. Then today, I’m scattered (hence the “Chikungunya Brain” in the title) and my eyes are sore and tired.

And it’s not just me! I’ve spoken with 3 others who also had the virus in 2014 who say they’ve noticed symptoms returning lately. Never as bad as when we first had it, but still not pleasant to experience any of this again. Dennis was the one who suggested the return of hot weather may have triggered the symptoms to start up again. He could be right.

While I’m dealing with Chikungunya Brain, I’ll be stepping away from the computer a bit – which may, in fact, be a good thing. I’ve started sorting and packing for my trip back to Canada in April, so I certainly have enough to do otherwise with my time and concentration.

And for those of you who are reading this and saying, “Chikun-what??” here’s a link to the first blog post I wrote about this nasty virus, Chikungunya – you cannot begin to imagine. You’ll find links to the other 11 blog posts I wrote about ChikV here. I had queued up a 13th post with the title, Chikungunya and Zika, they just keep on ticking … way back in early Feb. of this year, but never got around to actually posting that. So here’s the article about Zika that was going to be about.

Finally, I’m sorry to report that I STILL have people finding my blog by using search terms like, “pain and numbness in hands from Chikungunya” and “how long will pain from Chikungunya last?” I find this particularly sad as there’s really no cure for this virus and, as I and my friends are discovering, ChikV will continue to keep on giving, and ticking, and will likely come back to wreak havoc with my shoulder, my muscles, my eyes and my brain for a very long time to come. Urgh!!

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  1. Thanks for the information, Susan. We get those tropical diseases here in India also. I’m so sorry you’re still having problems. Thank goodness there are screens on my flat. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. I think this particular virus has been making the rounds in India for quite some time. The local doctor here on Bequia is originally from India and he was well aware of its properties and problems when people first began exhibiting symptoms. So we at least had his knowledge and experience. The authorities still chose though not to listen to him and so we still have a mosquito problem. Such will always be the case, unfortunately.

  2. Wow! That’s terrible! It’s awful how these viruses can lie dormant for years in our body and then something sets them off again. My mother got shingles in her 90’s (and I guess it is very painful too, with burning, knife-like pain bursts that happen unexpectedly and out of the blue). Shingles comes from the same virus that causes chickenpox, which is a childhood disease. Therefore, this virus lay dormant in her body for a VERY long time before it reared its ugly head again. But at least there now is a vaccine for shingles, so if anyone has ever had chickenpox, make sure you get vaccinated. My mother pestered me relentlessly until I got mine. Too bad there’s no vaccines for recurrences of this virus – at least not yet. So, I hope rest and taking a break will return you to your normal self soon!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I didn’t know that about chicken pox and shingles. I guess once these viruses get into the bloodstream it’s difficult to eliminate them completely. Lucky for humanity there are research teams (like the one you work with) looking out for our wellbeing and trying to find solutions to these assaults on our health.

  3. Author Rebecca Heishman

    We need a dislike button here. Take care of yourself, dear friend. You will be missed. But, health comes first. Keep in touch via PM when you feel better.

  4. Oh, boo! An evil revisiting. Rest up and hope you feel better soon. Your lovely spot in Canada is calling

    1. And by the time I reach there, the black flies will be biting, with mosquitoes just around the corner … There’s no escaping these little buggers, it seems! But thanks, Philmouse! Any word about more cases of ChikV or Zika in your neck of the woods?

  5. Hazel Hutchins

    Oh Susan, I am so sorry to read that the virus continues to haunt you yet again. Thinking of you and sending you strength for a recovery from this latest bout as soon as possible.

    1. Thanks, Hazel! Those snow-capped mountains, cold night temps., and no mosquitoes!!, out your way seem so appealing to me right now …

  6. I’m so sorry to hear this horrible thing has returned and hope it goes away again soon. Look after yourself.

  7. Dang, I thought you had licked it this time! Sending hopeful vibes your way …

    1. Thanks, Kevin. Unfortunately, this is one of those things, like Malaria, that you never completely kick. I can never catch it again, but it never actually goes away. (And perhaps, considering all that’s been going on in the world, this is the universe’s way of forcing me to stay off Facebook!!)

  8. So sorry to hear this, Susan. Sending cool temps, of which we have an abundance. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. So sorry it has returned. Hope it goes away soon. Sending hugs your way. XO

  10. Sorry to hear it…it’s like Lyme Disease…awful. thinking of you.

    1. Nowhere near as bad as Ciguatera, though … Thanks, Felicity!

  11. Hope it goes away again sooooon Susan ❤️

    1. Thanks, Mr. Ape. Maybe I need to eat more bananas …

  12. So sorry Susan, although I thought pain and strange sleeping patterns came with old age.

    Heal well. Echinacea any use? Or chamomile? Or lavender oil? And all the usual suspects.

    1. Thanks, roughseas! And two of the three others who have more pain than I do are younger than me. We seem to have run through all the possibilities of treatment for this … except eye of newt and toe of frog. That could be next.

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