Have you read my writing?

I’m just curious as to how many readers have actually read what I’ve written and how many of those readers have read more than just one piece of writing I’ve published so far. So I created this poll and would appreciate it if you would click on whatever you’ve read. And please leave any comments below as well, if you’d like to say something about my writing. I’m all ears!

Here are links to everything listed in the poll:

Island in the Clouds
One Woman’s Island
That Last Summer
Links to 6 Short Stories

Thank you to all readers! You are the reason we writers write.

25 responses

  1. I confess I’ve not read any of your books – yet but I’ll get there 🙂

    1. Thanks for wanting to read!

  2. Timothy Phillips – 23 hours ago

    Really enjoyed “One Woman’s Island,” the most recent work, but I’m not going to place these works in a priority order because they are different. That is what I want to read from an author.

    “That Last Summer” was a brilliant revisit of the author to her growing up years in the sixties and helped fill me with a nostalgia for these years.

  3. I know I’ve put Island in the Clouds on my TBR but it’s got a long way to go till it gets to the top of the list. That said, I pick things at random, sometimes! I usually read your blog and disappear again 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jemima! And thanks too for visiting here. Come back soon!

  4. I’ve read and reviewed everything you’ve written. Hands down, you are one of my favorite authors!

    1. Thank you so much for this, Tricia!!

  5. I thoroughly enjoy your writing, Susan. Your writing style, your sense of adventure – always entertaining.

  6. What a great story teller you are. Not every one has the gift to capture and entertain.

  7. Bob Van Laerhoven – 34 minutes ago

    Island in the Clouds was a very attractive read, but I like “One Woman’s Island” a tad more. Both are novels of an accomplished author who has honed her craft….

    Euh euh, for which novel did I vote? I didn’t see a sequence, or am I getting blind at my old age? I just pushed the button “vote” and nothing seemed to happen….:-) In each case, I vote for “One Woman’s Island”. Success!

    Wendy – 43 minutes ago

    Planning a trip to Bequia in February 2018!

  8. I look forward to reading much more.

      1. And thanks for providing space on your own blog for several of my short stories!

  9. Susan, I hope to be able get them when traveling to the US next June-July… or I guess I may order them before and be deliverd to some friend’s house… I’m in love with “islands” (visited alredy so many during my life)… that’s the reason I’m curious! :-)c

  10. Bruce Hunter – 4 hours ago

    Islands was a terrific read! You should be getting a comission from the local tourist folks. Made me want to travel there.

    Rorie Bruce – 4 hours ago

    I’ve read Island In The Clouds and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading One Woman’s Island.

  11. It’s important to know whether you’re operating in a vacuum, isn’t it? Sometimes I wonder if I’m happy if people just buy the books. They don’t have to read them. Just buy them!

    The answer turns out to be: Nope. 😉

    1. Sometimes it’s good to have some interaction with reders, too, just to know someone is out there enjoying what we’re writing!

  12. And I read your blog posts and reviews!

    1. And I thank you for that!!

  13. I read the intro, and thought, you need a poll. And then … 🙂 I like polls me. Anyways I’ve voted, although you already know what I’ve read.

    1. I know – polls! I hadn’t posted one in a while, but I usually vote on those you post on your blog. Thanks for playing along, roughseas! Always very happy knowing I have your support.

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