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A year later and this is still very much the case! There must be a new batch of writing students out there, because the hits for “Writing about meeting my best friend” have recently increased 10-fold. Also popular in searches have been the lines “pain from Chikungunya” that lead readers to my series of blog posts concerning the virus. So much so, again just lately, have people been searching for information that I’ll be writing a separate post about the virus and Zika.

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For the longest time now, since about 5 or 6 years ago, the two most popular phrases used on search engines that have brought people to my blog are “baking bread in a pizza oven” followed closely by “meeting my best friend for the first time”. Here are the two posts that those searchers click on: Baking Bread in the Pizza Oven and I met my best friend for the first time.

The first search always made sense to me, because home pizza ovens are becoming popular among foodies, Dennis had built one here on Bequia, and I had written a number of blog posts featuring our experiments in using it, both for making pizza and baking bread.

The second search I always took as being very flattering. There seemed to be a lot of people out there on the internet who were nostalgic for that first meeting with…

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  1. Friends are such treasures, I’m not surprised the topic has become popular. No gift can match that of a person who elects to spend time with you because they enjoy doing so!

  2. bettyjanehegerat

    What a gorgeous photo of Darcie. Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful time she spent in Calgary. And congrats too on the traffic on your blog! You may need to widen that to at least another lane or two. 🙂

  3. I’ve just been reading your best friend post and your photo essay post – what an amazing day you all had. No wonder you were all a bit giddy with so much chocolate, coffee and wonderful chat.

    1. That was a very special day!

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