Announcing … that first step towards a print edition!


It may not seem like much of a step to you, but I did assign an ISBN this morning for a future print edition of my most recent novel, One Woman’s Island! And that’s cause for celebration in my books!

There’s still a lot of prep work to be done on designing and formatting the text, cover – front and back, as well as spine, and the actual printing and delivery … all of which also will cost $$$.

So, in an effort to help me pay for the cost of printing, I’m hoping that all those readers who wanted a print copy will now step forward to place a prepaid order for it before I actually do go to print. (I anticipate those print copies will be ready by May.)

We did this the last time when I printed copies of Island in the Clouds and it worked quite well. So let’s try again, shall we? Here’s how the prepayment orders work:

(All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars.)
The retail price of the book will be around $20., so I’m offering 3 levels of participation.

1) Prepay $20 and you will receive one signed copy of the book.
2) Prepay $35 and you will receive one signed copy of the book plus your name will be included in a list of sponsors that will appear in the final first edition of the print book.
3) Prepay $50 and you will receive one signed copy of a limited edition (only 18 copies) of the print book and your name will be included in a list of sponsors that will appear in the final first edition of print book.

Postage/shipping charges to send books to you will be extra and determined at the time of shipping.

If you are interested in helping me in advance to get my novel published in a print edition, please send an email to susanmtoy (at) with the message “Pre-order Print” and let me know which level of payment you’d like to make. Also, if you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to answer them by email. (Please do not comment below.)

Thanks in advance to all Readers for your support, and for all the support you have already given to me and my publications! I wouldn’t be where I am now without ALL of you!!

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    Announcing a new book (to me) in Kindle format, and soon to be released in print form. A Woman’s Island by Susan M. Toy is bound to be a great read. I went to Amazon and read the sample chapters. I am intrigued and will be purchasing the book. Reblogged from

    1. Thank you so much, lovessiamese! For reading and reblogging!

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    Susan Toy’s new book has taken another step toward being in print. Check out the announcement on her blog.

  3. No matter how anyone feels or what they say – having that ISBN number makes a book indisputably legitimate. Cheers from here.
    May is a perfect time to approach librarians with book requests. Around here they have to spend the last of their year’s acquisition budget before starting a new budget. Often there is money that was earmarked for another title, but that book for whatever reason is backorders/unavailable so librarians have money that has to be spent – or lose it.
    Please keep us updated on print progress! Great plan!

    1. Good point about the libraries, Philmouse! And thanks, once again, for your unwavering and enthusiastic support of me and my books! Always appreciated!

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    Susan Toy is taking pre-orders for her upcoming novel “One Woman’s Island”

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