Poetry: You Do Not Want The Truth

I would notice, Happymeerkatreviews. And many others would, too. Ignore the others and keep doing what you do best – review books!



This is inspired by my very depressed mood recently which seems to be getting worse 😦

You Do Not Want The Truth

Would anyone notice,

If I left this here place?

Would anyone even see it,

The pain that’s on my face?

Didn’t want to hurt or harm,

I just wanted all the best.

But no matter what I said,

You saw me as a pest.

Said you wanted honest,

Said you wanted truth.

I gave it, you attacked me,

Or acted all aloof.

Countless times I’ve had to,

Explain my actions here.

Instead of feeling welcomed,

You left me feeling fear.

Instead of being helpful,

You didn’t understand.

Think you know better,

Bury your head in sand.

I’ve had a year of all this,

Trying to help you to see.

That you are not as you think,

Being the best you can be.

But every time I speak up,

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  1. […] of how she’d been treated recently by indie authors she had set herself up to help promote. I reblogged her poem here then wrote to the reviewer directly to tell her I understood what she was going […]

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