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These past few years (2015 and 2014), I’ve wrapped up twelve months of blogging by listing my favourite bloggers who I have subscribed to and read, and whose blogs I believe would be of interest to my readers. Chris Graham (aka The Story Reading Ape) created this nifty badge that any of the bloggers on my list are welcome to add to their own blogs!

This year’s list is going to look a bit like a roundup of the usual suspects, as so many of my favourite bloggers continue to post to their blogs and write so well. A few of those old favourites have stopped blogging, but there are a few new discoveries this year, and one is a former book publishing colleague who is absolutely new to blogging just this week! So I’ll begin my list this year with the newbies-to-me, for variety sake.

Please do click on the links and check out these great bloggers, if you have not already discovered them yourselves. Follow them! Some offer promotion and they review books or interview authors or host guest posts, many post valuable information on writing and the book biz, even about food and restaurants, and not just a few are also authors in their own right and have been featured on my blog (I’ve linked to their promotion pages), a couple are editors, and there are a couple of longtime personal friends (meaning, I’ve actually met them face-to-face!) in this list, as well.

Sue Vincent’s Daily EchoSue Vincent

Happymeerkatreviews: Book reviews – poetry – other musings

Timothy L. PhillipsCamino de Tim

Mysteries in Paradise

And a new blog by retired publisher Ginny Miller and her husband that I look forward to following. Leaving Ourselves Behind will report on their travels throughout the world.

And the Usual Suspects!

Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog … An Author Promotions Enterprise!

Sally CroninSmorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

Seumas GallacherSeumas Gallacher Blog

Tricia DrammehCreative State of Mind and Authors To Watch (Reviews and Interviews)

Tim Bakerblindoggbooks



Kevin BrennanWhat the Hell

Allan HudsonSouth Branch Scribbler

J.P. McLeanJ.P. McLean: The Gift Legacy

Betty Jane HegeratBetty Jane Hegerat: Canadian author of literary fiction

Matilda Magtree – Carin Makuz

Canary Gal – Gwenith Whitford

Bill Corbett – Marathon Mouth

Seth Godin’s Blog

Book Marketing Buzz Blog

Literary Hub

And a very special mention goes to two extremely inspired blogs that are still being published:

The Litter I See Project by Carin Makuz
and Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers by Shaun Hunter
(Both of these bloggers were profiled on my blog earlier this year.)

If you happen to be looking for some great books to read, check out my Best Books Read in 2016 series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Or have a look at my two other blogs: Reading Recommendations and reading recommendations reviewed.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention. How did I miss this earlier? I guess I’m not keeping up like I should. There’s a great group of bloggers here, many of whom I already follow. I’ll be sure to check out the rest.

  2. […] it was impossible for me to have followed, listed, and awarded in my earlier post every blog I know of that is good, I didn’t want anyone to think they’d been forgotten. […]

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  4. Wonderful known and new bloggers. An inspiring list. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for the inclusion 🙂

    Phil is one of my fave bloggers and I visit some of the others. Have you read any of Tricia’s books? V good.

    I am nominating a couple of your recommended books in my annual round-up 🙂 Camino and Baggage. When I get round to posting it!

  6. […] second mention was that Happymeerkatreviewswas yesterday named as one of the Best Bloggers Blogging of 2016!  I’ve only known Susan from Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing a short time so to be […]

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    Check out these great blogs that received a nod from Susan Toy

  8. bettyjanehegerat

    Thank you, Susan. I feel honoured to be among your “usual suspects.” 🙂

    1. You’re one of the “more usual that most,” bjH! Please keep writing!

  9. Thank you so much. There are some wonderful blogs here, I’m not sure my blog is worthy of being on the list but wow thank you soo much 🙂 ❤ It's a lovely badge! Happy new year!

    1. Of course you deserve to be here! Besides, I just happen to have a soft spot for meerkats!

  10. Hi,
    I subscribe to Chris’s blog and Sally’s blog. I’ve heard of Tricia and of course Seth Godin. Thanks for letting us know about the others.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Janice!

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    …2016 year-end Bloggers’ mentions from the indominatable Susan Toy….mwaaah , m’Lady,Susan… thanks for the inclusion… honoured , flattered and delighted 🙂 🙂 :i

    1. You are most welcome, kind sir! Thank you for blogging and for writing!

  12. Some great blog sites here, many I follow already. Thanks for pointing out Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers. Have a fabulous New Year!!

  13. Congratulations to all winners, most notably my favourites Sally, Sue, J.P., Chris and Seumas. Well done and Happy New Year!

  14. Thanks for the shout out, Susan, and happy new year to you and yours!!

    1. Same return, Kevin! Oh, and KEEP WRITING!!!

  15. So glad I found your blog! I follow many of these bloggers, and I look forward to reading about the rest. Best to you. -Jennie-

    1. Thanks for discovering and reading, Jennie! I know you’ll find more here of interest.

  16. I love these lists. Reminds me to visit some I’d forgotten about and enjoy the new ones.
    May you find miles of smiles, intriguing wanderings, and lots of wonder in the New Year! Cheers and onward with spirit, courage, and hope.

    1. Thanks for continuing to write such a great blog, philmouse!

  17. Congrats to all these outstanding blogs! Happy New Year everyone! ❤️

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    Susan lists many of my favourite bloggers as well, plus a few new ones – Check them all out – You won’t regret it 👍😃

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