Mayaro Virus … as if Chikungunya and Zika weren’t enough!

Thanks to Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge for informing me of the existence of this new mosquito-borne virus recently discovered in Haiti. Mayaro is “closely related to the chikungunya virus” as we discover in this article posted in the MiamiHerald on Sept. 15, 2016: A new mosquito-borne illness has been detected in Haiti.

As most of my readers know, I contracted, and suffered from, the Chikungunya virus in July, 2014. Two years later and I realize I haven’t noticed any further symptoms of late (knock on wood!) but I do know of others who continue to have problems. And, in the meantime, Zika has also swept through the Caribbean. Now there’s another virus to be concerned about, just as I head back to Bequia for the winter. Hoo boy!

I’ve posted a number of articles previously to this blog (scroll down that page for the complete series) about both Chikungunya and Zika and will now be adding this new post to that list. Far from these viruses having run their course, I’ve found a number of readers have been making their way to my blog looking for information and clicked on these articles I’ve written after searching with phrases such as “unable to stand up properly due to chikunguniya” and “no hunger after chikungunya” and “numbness of arm chikangunya or dengue” – and that’s just in the past couple of days!! Over the two years since I began writing about Chikungunya, this topic has been among the most popular of anything I’ve posted. Obviously people are still suffering, and are still having trouble finding answers and treatment.

So I post this new information now, not to be alarmist, but so that people will become better informed as to what’s happening out there. As always, the best cure for any of these viruses is preventing mosquito bites in the first place. So if you are heading to a tropical destination be sure to use repellents and clean up any standing water where mosquitoes love to breed.

Perhaps in the long term, the experts will discover a means of ridding us of these viruses altogether. Let’s hope it happens sooner, and before another virus mutates and develops.

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  1. Sue, There are THREE ‘flu viruses circulating on Dominica at the moment:

    I wonder if the one down your way is one of these. Certainly these influenza outbreaks temporarily dampen my desire to return to Dominica right away. Maybe I’ll have to wait until sometime after Carnival…or take my chances. But I wouldn’t want to repeat those Chikungunya-like symptoms again!

    FYI, Dominica is currently considered a high risk travel zone, apparently because there have been some cases of Zika, although I am not aware of any recently. Maybe the Government of Canada is also concerned about potentially toxic fumes released by the Boiling Lake. It’s only a challenging 3 hour hike to get there. I think SVG is still considered ‘safe’ by our Canadian officials. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the additional information, Gwen! Better to be warned about all, and safe, than sorry!

  2. Just what you need…another virus to be concerned about!

    1. It never ends! I wish the authorities would just get on with finding a way to eradicate this particular species of mosquito that transmits all the viruses.

  3. Thanks Susan for info –

  4. I hope you don’t get this one girl. Sorry we couldn’t get together this time. Be careful.

    1. Thanks, Val! I’ll try to get out your way next spring before I get settled into the trailer for the summer.

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    Susan Toy with news of another virus that is sweeping into the Caribbean…just in time for her winter in Bequia

    1. Thanks for reblogging, Sally!

  6. Don’t forget the jasmine 🙂

    1. Oh, yes! The best repellent, and most frangrant, is to plant lots of jasmine! Thanks for that reminder, roughseas.

      1. And don’t forget to take it inside as I posted recently. Herbs are meant to be good too eg basil, mint, and another lovely smell, lavender. But jasmine is easy where I live. Thinking of buying a couple more plants.

  7. Thanks for keeping up with the buzz!

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