Why Are There Still So Many People Who Don’t Have Books to Read?

Many years ago, I tried to orchestrate gathering and shipping a large quantity of books to #Bequia. The logistics, and especially cost of shipping, made it difficult, but I have considered recently doing this again, because there is so much of a need for books in SVG. And in many other parts of the world, too.

Notes from An Alien

Many organizations and individuals work very hard to get books to those who have none… worldreader

One individual is linked-to in the left side-bar—his organization is called GoneReadingyou can buy really cool gifts for readers; yet, they give “100% of after-tax profits to fund reading-related charities…”.

I have an interview with the founder of GoneReading.

Another organization I’ve written about is WorldReader (here are the posts I’ve done about them…).

Here’s just a bit of explanation of what WorldReader does:

Literacy is transformative

It increases earning potential, decreases inequality, improves health outcomes and breaks the cycle of poverty. Books are necessary for the development of literacy skills yet millions of people still have limited access to books.

We’re changing this.

WorldReader does its work by supplying folks with e-readers stocked with books appropriate for their age and culture

Plus, today on TechCrunch, there…

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