Talking about #bookreviews. A collection of great posts on how to get them and how to keep reviewers happy.

These are all excellent ideas on ways writers can get their work reviewed, but first and foremost is … Write a great book! (And for those readers still unsure about actually reviewing the books they read, check out this link to a blog post I have reblogged on Reading Recommendations.)

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Hi all:

Recently I’ve read some great posts about reviews: how to get them, how to avoid things that annoy reviewers, and even posts recommending free books on the subject. You might have read them all, but just in case you haven’t, I thought I’d post them here.

How to Get Good Reviews by Theo Rogers (remember to check the price!) How to Get Good Reviews by Theo Rogers (remember to check the price!)

The first one that came to my attention was a post by Nicholas Rossi, where he mentioned a free book  (this one ) that was still free when I wrote this post but do make sure that’s still the case, and also some updates on other interesting sounding books on similar topics. You can check Nicholas Rossi’s post here. Do follow his blog if you haven’t as he shares a wealth of knowledge and is a great writer.

That post resulted in a comment by Beetley…

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