Writing Fiction in a World of Change

Paul Butler is a Canadian author whose writing I greatly admire. He has been featured previously on Reading Recommendations. He has just announced he will be moving from Newfoundland and relocating in Alberta this summer – Newfoundland’s great loss, but Alberta’s definite gain! Here’s an interesting blog post he wrote over the weekend in which he announces his move, but also looks at what has happened recently in both Newfoundland and the UK that has caused him great frustration. Although, like all good writers, he’s finding inspiration in the situations.

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Over the past few weeks the two places I have called home longest in my life have both inexplicably given themselves the most serious of self-inflicted wounds. The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador has introduced an austerity budget which hammers the young, the vulnerable, the old, and the sick and gives no hint at all as to how any of this is to solve any of our long term problems. Indeed, the gloom is so great that even those not immediately affected in any personal sense – those who in fact make up the tax base of the province – are busy planning ways to escape with their children to more optimistic regions of the world.

Meanwhile, the government of the United Kingdom saw its ill-advised promise of a referendum on the emotionally-charged subject of the European Union bear the bitterest of fruit. I arrived in Heathrow on the…

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