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Congratulations to Chris Graham, aka The Story Reading Ape, who has just published his first book – a book of his mother’s poetry, actually, as a tribute to her! Chris has always been so supportive of the rest of us that it feels great to be able to turn the tables and give him, and his late mother, Agnes Mae Graham, some much-deserved promotion for a change!

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“But…but…but…THAT”S not YOUR name as the Author!” I hear you declare indignantly…

That’s TRUE – I’M not the AUTHOR, my Mother is, but unfortunately she is not alive to publish it herself, (she died in 2000), so I’ve published it in her name.

Today would have been Mum’s 90th birthday if she’d still been alive, so my sister and I felt that this book would be a nice way to celebrate Mum’s life and memory.

What’s it about?

As stated in the book description:

We all have dreams, loves and hopes; but what if you are a girl growing up in 20th century Northern Ireland before, during and after the ‘Troubles’?
From the poetic thoughts of our Mother, we get a sense of what it was like, ranging from humour, sadness, wistful thinking and sometimes just downright nonsensical, these are the words of one such girl.

Each poem tells a story.

My sister…

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    1. I look forward to seeing your mother’s name on Reading Recommendations!

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