Andrea’s Journey on South Branch Scribbler!

Thanks so much to Allan Hudson who is featuring my writing, yet again, on his blog, South Branch Scribbler!

I’m very pleased to release the short story, Andrea’s Journey, into the wild of the internet. While I wrote the story many, many years ago, this is the first time it’s had a public showing. It has gone through a long dormant period and a number of revisions, as well as a complete rewriting and editing. I hope you enjoy this final version.

thXXREGYQ1 You may read Allan’s blog and Andrea’s Journey in its entirety here.

I have been a guest on Allan’s blog 5 times now! Allan has also now posted 4 of my short stories that might not otherwise have been read, had he not given me the platform of his blog. So thanks for all you do for other writers, Allan!

Here are the links to my previous SBS visits:
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Allan Hudson has also been featured on my promotion blog, Reading Recommendations, and has always been very supportive of his fellow writers! I encourage you to visit Allan’s blog and read his writing, as well!

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  1. Enoyed your take on the painting!

  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Read Andrea’s Journey a short story by Susan Toy featured on Allan Hudson’s site.. follow the link in the post.

  3. Wonderful story–had me on the edge of my seat. Lucky Andrea had such a wonderful husband. I’m not sure if I wanted her to complete her journey, on the other hand her life isn’t worth living.

      1. You are welcome, Susan. -)

  4. Excellent story, and given the luke-warm Liberal initiative on the very essential right, I believe, for people to control their fate, so timely.

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