Promotion — from the klutz’s perspective

Thanks to Betty Jane Hegerat for this lovely promotion of my writing!

Betty Jane Hegerat

I had just finished reading from my third book, Delivery, when a woman came over to introduce herself as my sales representative, the person who had  traveled about selling the new books from that season’s catalogues of several publishers as well as my own, Oolichan Books. Susan Toy worked for the Kate Walker Agency at that point and had won awards as “top sales rep of the year.”  As I got to know Susan it became clear that her love of books, authors, audiences, and her enthusiasm and personality made her a worthy recipient of that distinction and many other accolades as well.

Susan asked if I would meet with her over coffee and surprised me by bringing along Randal McNair, my “new publisher.” As well as having less than a clue about what went into selling a book once it was out in the world, I had also been…

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  1. Terrific Susan and have shared from the original post.

    1. Thank you so much, Sally!!

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