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It’s always great to hear again from one of my favourite authors, Bob van Laerhoven (who helps me with the spelling of Flemish swear words in my own short stories!) and interesting to learn more about Bob in this blog post from Chris the Story Reading Ape. Bob writes excellent books and is not afraid to tackle difficult subjects. I’ve promoted him previously on Reading Recommendations.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

From rags to…eh…more rags….

Bob Van LaerhovenI won’t go so far to tell you that I’m one of those examples of the classical “The American Dream” – from rags to riches – but it’s still a fact that nothing in my youth prepared me for being an author. A Belgian author. A Flemish author. A Belgian/Flemish author published in Holland, Belgium, France, Canada, the US and next year in Italy.

I never dreamed it would come this far. Being the second son in a Flemish workers’ family, my destiny was to become a civil servant, my parents’ dream. A civil servant was synonymous with climbing the social ladder.

There was a problem. A lot of problems, really. I was a dreamer. I was a reader. I wanted to become an author. There were no books in the house. Reading was considered to be laziness, although I must say that my parents didn’t…

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  1. I must say Bob’s writing has sounded intriguing but I’ve never got round to reading his books ☺️ I did manage the convos with his horse and enjoyed those.

    1. Bob is definitely not one to shy away from the tough subjects! He handles the material well, too. I highly recommend his books.

  2. Thanks for sharing Susan 😀

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