…Authors, the longest days…waiting for your editor’s feedback… Susan Toy tells it…

And here’s the reason I’m looking so glum … Thanks to Seumas Gallacher for once again hosting me on his blog with this Guest Post!

Seumas Gallacher

…an Idiot Author’s Guide to waiting for Editorialcomment… from my terrific pal, Authoress, Susan Toy

10 Ways I pass the time while waiting for my editor to finish editing my novel …

by Susan M. Toy

 It took about 12 years to complete a final draft of my second novel, a draft I felt was finally ready to send to my most trusted first reader—my editor.

 You’d think after all the time the file has sat in four computers and various memory sticks during all those years, sometimes never seeing the light of day, I’d have embraced patience and would now be willing to allow for whatever further time was necessary to complete the editing process. After all, I know that it does take a great deal of time and concentration to complete the stellar and most thorough job my editor is currently doing.


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3 responses

  1. Great guest blog, Susan.

  2. Interesting perspective from the ‘other side’ 😀

    As editors, (terrible grammar there), I know that I try and cram into that initial read so many things. How many basic errors, facts needing checking, plot holes/errors, continuity and flow, rephrasing, pacing, sequence, grammatical problems, style, aaaaagh, the list is endless. And, the priority, being objective.

    Then, we wonder what our authors will say to our initial reaction …

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