Mystery Mondays: Susan Toy on Dancing the Sophomore Slump Two-Step

Thanks to Kristina Stanley for hosting me on her Mystery Mondays blog feature! And, in the funny way things have of working out, writing this piece seemed to dislodge something in me that had been blocking my writing, so that the very next day I was able to begin again and finish the MS – in only THREE DAYS!!! So, even more thanks go to Kristina for providing the opportunity to get my butt in gear and complete this second novel!


I “met” Susan Toy  when she agreed to host me on ReadingRecommendations. I was nervous approaching her and requesting a guest spot. But she generously welcomed me and showed me the ropes for guest blogging. Today, I finally get to return the favour by having Susan on Mystery Mondays.

Dancing the Sophomore Slump Two-Step

by Susan M. Toy

… or I’m Writing as Fast as I Can!!It’s been four years since I published my first novel in the Bequia Perspectives series. Four long years. I began writing Island in the Clouds in 2001 with the intention of eventually writing and publishing a quartet of novels all set on the Caribbean island of Bequia and involving murder and mystery of some sort or another. So I gave the first novel that sub-title, suggesting the books that followed would be written from various perspectives of people living on the island…

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  1. Susan, it’s great to host you today. Thanks for sharing the blog with your readers 🙂

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